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Best Kept Secret

Audio Erotica for Women


Sexy Audio Stories to Fulfill Your Fantasies

No more cringey porn scenarios, terrible acting or emotionless sex.

Zero body & race stereotypes.

Enjoy steamy dates with BKS erotic audios or sweet cuddling sessions with our boyfriend stories.

Your Gateway to Aural Pleasure

Our stories are more than just audios - they're intimate audio-movies.

Each episode, spanning from 30 to 60 minutes, takes you on a sexy adventure filled with passion and desire.

While the audio guides the narrative, it's your imagination that paints the perfect scene.

Immerse yourself in passionate relationships, flirty foreplay, sweet aftercare, and everything in-between to let your fantasies come to life.

400+ Audios

Library of over 400 sexy audios. That's more than 230 hours of spicy entertainment!

New content

New audios every 2-3 days. Never get tired of old material


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Leave Fifty Shades of Grey in Dust

Sexy stories so steamy, they'll leave 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in the dust as a 'Vanilla Romance'



Free of Stereotypes

Sick of not fitting into the ‘cute white girl’ stereotype, that most erotic books and videos are geared towards?

Our audios are crafted for everyone, irrespective of color, shape, size, or preferences.

You will feel beautiful, appreciated and loved no matter what you look like and where you come from!

Explore Your Sexuality

Still navigating your sexual journey and discovering your preferences?

Erotic audio offers a taste of various experiences, helping you understand your likes and dislikes better.

Audios are like immersive first-hand 'free-trials' of 'the real deal'.


Ethical & Professional Content

All audios are professionaly written, recorded and edited. No unethical practices and unfair treatment - issues often found in adult media.

Our audios, written mostly by women for a female audience, offer an understanding and respectful portrayal of female perspectives.

Recorded by professional voice actors, they deliver an immersive and authentic experience.

Our listeners are satisfied... literally

"This audio felt so real and personal, his voice literally makes me squirm!"

"You really helped me take a healthy approach to kinks, showed me what is feels like to be truly loved and cared for in a relationship"

"Gaaaahhhh I have no words. What this man does to me! The moans, dirty talk, oh sweet heavens…"