About us

3 years ago my girlfiend talked me into writing a story for her for Valentines day. It was a cute little thing about how we met, but, admittedly, it was very cheesy and I never finished it. I ran out of time and the story ended right at the most heated moment. The ultimate cliff-hanger. But my girl still loved it. In fact, she loved it so much, she talked me into writing more.

I perfected the art of writing erotica over the next year, but something was still missing: I wanted my words to have a voice. So I collaborated with a very talented Voice Artist (hint, it was Mr. Robinson) and that's how Best Kept Secret was born.

Our stories aren't audio books, as you may imagine. Instead, they are spicy audio-movies starring you and your boyfriend (and he happens to have a VERY sexy voice). There is no female voice, so you can be the main character and let your imagination run wild. With every story we aim to provide an experience like no other. Most of the spicy content is written by women, so rest assured, they make sure all your wishes are fulfilled. Awesome storylines, plenty of flirting and foreplay and lots and lots of cuddles. Also, no pre-jackers allowed here.

You get to listen to your own choice of personal boyfriend every night, and get away from the boring, outdated and unrepresentative stereotypes.

Use the audios as you wish, but, to my surprise, some listeners have revealed they listen to BKS for fun while cleaning or commuting. Keeping a straight face in the tube on your way to work while a sexy voice moans in your ear must be a women's superpower I never knew about.

While most of the community listens to BKS to *khe-khem*, I have received many messages about BKS having helped overcome sexual trauma, increased women's libido, improved relationships or revealed new desires listenteners didn't know they had. If you also enjoy our audios, please, plese let me know. Messages like these genuinely make my day.

To access over 400 audios, you can sign up HERE!. It's a paid subscription (I know, bummer! But it takes time and a whole team of talent to produce quality content). We constantly upload new material and you can explore our back catalogue of 400+ decadent audios, with the ability to request what stories you want to hear. Beware, the stories can get very spicy (if Fifty shades is spicy, then BKS is tripple spicy).

You will also get access to Discord server (and it's actually active), which is a safe corner on the internet where you can chat with other likeminded ladies about all sorts of topics, from intimate to funny to educational. Plus, we have a genuinely hilarious NSFW meme channel and often do movie nights and other fun events.

I hope to see you on the other side on Patreon!

Stay naughty, stay kinky and this might just become your Best Kept Secret.

Rob and the team XXX