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Virginity and The Courage to Wait – Conversation with Beth

I was touched by many of the comments beneath our recent poll. Listeners shared intimate details and personal anecdotes about their romantic endeavours:

Virgins waiting for the perfect partner to sweep them off their feet. A widow grappling with the profound pain of losing a beloved spouse to a terminal illness. Scars from a difficult past making it tough to trust and connect with others. Stories of empowerment and self-discovery, as listeners shared how they explored their sexuality through audio experiences or simply found companionship and comfort in roleplay audios.

I wanted to share these stories.

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We are not as Unique as we Think we are

A staggering figure of 8 billion human beings are inhabiting this planet and I have always wondered: how many soulmates have we missed out on, simply because fate never brought them across our path? Or worse, we pass by but a quick glance is all it amounts to. How many different paths could our lives have taken only if we had met that one person?

It’s a cruel irony that in a world overflowing with people, we often find ourselves feeling more and more alone, longing for someone who can understand our quirks and passions.

I wanted to share the stories of our listeners to the wider world, because I know for every listener who tells a story, there will be a thousand other women with similar experiences, who can relate.

“…Suddenly we find we are no longer alone, we are no longer weird… it was just that we were different from the people in our little bubbles.”

No matter how unique we think we are, there are thousands of people out there with the same crazy stories, the same weird interests and the same wild experiences. It’s just that we never hear about them or we never meet them. But once we do… suddenly we find we are no longer alone, we are no longer weird… it was just that we were different from the people in our little bubbles.

If you would also like to share a story about yourself, no matter happy or full of challenges, or simply one of your beliefs and opinions, reach out to

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this interview are solely those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the blog author or publisher. We believe in showcasing the diversity of our audience and recognize that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to relationships and sexuality. Our goal is to provide a platform for honest and open conversations about these topics and to promote respect and understanding for all perspectives.”

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Meet Beth

Allow me to introduce Beth (name changed), a college student awaiting her Prince Charming. She was the first listener I spoke with for this series. As she shared her story, she confided that she has never been in a relationship and is still a virgin. With BKS audios providing a safe way to explore her sexuality. 

When Beth is not studying as a full-time university student in the Bay Area of California, she enjoys eating vegan food, working out, sleeping, and watching thriller movies.

Virgin by choice

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Beth: “Me being a virgin has to do with me not finding the right partner. The Scorpio in me just wants something that’s real and is going to last. It seems that almost every guy I’ve talked to isn’t interested in actually getting to know me, they just want to get straight into bed. I enjoy having my virginity, but I would like to share it with a man one day soon.”

Two  of my close girlfriends know I’m a virgin and they’re both supportive.  My guy friends who know my situation understand and respect my choice except for one.  He finds it hard to believe (his words)  because he thinks sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship.  I clearly don’t, and it’s led us into heated arguments. 

Ultimately, I have always enjoyed having my virginity, because it’s the one thing no guy has ever been able to take from me after the connection ended.  

I’ve never felt pressured into having sex, my patience is running a little thin on just having a genuine connection with a guy I’m interested in. Ultimately, I have always enjoyed having my virginity, because it’s the one thing no guy has ever been able to take from me after the connection ended.  

“…they just want to get straight into bed…”

I think dating, just like anything else, has a positive and a negative side. I haven’t been on a date in a long time, but one date I went on I had to pick up the guy at his place.

So I get out of my car to go inside (big mistake) and from the minute he opened I knew it was going to be a mess. I go in, and he starts walking me around his apartment showing me his bedroom and bathroom as if we’re about to stay there, and at this point I’m just trying to go along with it by remaining calm.

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When he wasn’t looking, I hit the panic button on my keys so that my car alarm would go off. As soon as it went off, I acted all surprised and told him I would be right back after I checked my car. I ended up leaving, and soon after he called me and left a voicemail to say how angry he was but I never responded and I blocked him on everything.

I’ve also witnessed one of my friends break her ex’s car windows, and I’ve been on a literal stakeout trying to catch another friend’s boyfriend cheating. It’s wild out there.

Do we need a change?

Based on my experiences and the conversations I’ve had with others,  I believe social media, outsiders, and ego plays a big role in how men communicate with women (and vice versa).  Social media gives free access to talk to anyone especially when one isn’t receiving what they want from another individual.  

A possible solution could be being honest and upfront right away, and I know that can be challenging because in the beginning you never really know when to bring up certain things.  Personally, I’d like to know as soon as possible if sex is the first thing you’re looking for because that’s an immediate no.   

I truly don’t know what can bring relationships back into a more ‘ getting to know you’ lane.  At this point, I feel like you just have to be lucky enough to meet that person in the right place and at the right time who’s looking for the same thing. 

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How does BKS come into the equation?

I randomly came across BKS on YouTube when I was getting into ASMR, but one of the BKS videos came up and I was hooked lol. There’s something about BKS audios that are more personable and bring comfort to me than a spicy book or porn. The audios I enjoy the most are “Dad’s Best Friend” or when Mr. Robinson is degrading at first but sweet afterwards hehe.

The first time

BKS: You must have thought about what it would be like to lose your virginity?

I would love to be somewhere exotic such as Jamaica or Hawaii, but as long as it’s with the right man location won’t really matter. Listening to BKS has changed my standards a little bit, more than anything it’s made me want a soft dominant man; they’re just dreamy and elite.

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Anything you would like to say to your fellow virgin girls?

Beth: “My advice to other ladies out there who are virgins is to keep doing what you’re doing, don’t feel bad or pressured to have sex if you’re not ready to experience that now, and your prince charming is coming xoxo.”





3 responses to “Virginity and The Courage to Wait – Conversation with Beth”

  1. MissBee Avatar

    Beth your words are inspiring. I felt the same way about my virginity. I waited a long time before I gave it away to the man I felt deserved it.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Kat Avatar

    I feel you girl! Sometimes, I wished I could turn back time and waited for the right man to have lost my V with. Unfortunately, I lost mine through an unfortunate situation 😞. I’ve inly been with a few guys because of trust issues. I’m married now but I feel guilty for feeling so sexually frustrated for always being a GIVER! I literally do EVERYTHING! I am new to the world of ASMR erotic audio and have realized that I am missing out! LOL Especially after discovering BKS and another creator. Ughhh! Anyway, I truly hope that you find your dominant yet soft and romantic prince charming. Wishing you all the best, babe! Xoxo Kat ❤️

    1. Lindsey Avatar

      I totally get what you mean I totally broke down to my husband crying saying “why do I have to do everything!!?” and we’re still practicing but he’s getting more comfortable initiating sex, prioritizing foreplay & outercourse, leading the kissing not just mirroring/waiting for me to signal when it’s over, learning what I’m looking for in a “good” kiss. Also we read “she comes first” book and I sometimes listen to BKS on speaker so he can hear what Gentle Dom sounds like… I still had a couple more meltdowns but it getting better

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