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My all time favourite audio erotica stories

I have been in the erotic audio space for over a year now and I have heard probably close to 500 audios. Many have been amazing, some have been really bad, but others I find myself returning to again and again. So here is a list of my all time favourites that I have gathered over the years.

But first, why audio erotica?

Before I jump into the audios, I wanted to introduce myself and talk a bit about why I listen to audio erotica in the first place. I’m Ellie and I started out looking for visual porn a few years ago but nothing interested me. No one looked like me, they didn’t attract me. If I searched for something that I thought may resemble me, it was always sexualized. I was either not represented or a fetish.

I stopped trying to find visual porn that I liked and started to read erotic books instead. Then I found one that described ‘audio erotica’. I had never heard of audio erotica so I looked it up. There it was, non-visual where I could imagine what I wanted while still having one of my senses pulling me in. I started exploring more and it was good. There were some interesting things with different kinks that interested me like bondage and breathplay, but I never found ‘the one’… Until I came across an audio named ‘I know it was a lot baby, I’m glad you used your safeword’ by Best Kept Secret.

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I had never paid for anything erotica related, because I am stingy with money and live pay-check to pay-check. And I tend to be very picky with audios: I need the right voice, I need a believable story and it needs to have a great build up and cool down. I need to know I’m getting something worth my money even if it’s only ten dollars.

But that one audio pushed me over the edge and now I really only listen to BKS, because a lot of the other places make it just about the sex but don’t include a great story or build to it. And sadly many others tend

to forget about a good aftercare scene which I think is more important than anything. I have been with BKS for over a year now, not only listening to the audios but also writing my own erotica stories and helping with the production process.

Anyways, here are my all time favourite erotica audios and why I love them so much!

I know it was a lot baby, I’m glad you used your safeword

This audio was the first one I ever listened to. This is what made me subscribe to BKS. It made me feel safe and cared for, and had so much aftercare when the listener safewords out. This was a great example of how someone should respond if you need to safeword and it has helped guide real life experiences with it.

Mr. Robinson will always be one of my number one voice actors because no matter the audio he can do amazing things that no one else can. He is one of a kind just like this audio. 

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Post Run Stretch

Handsome muscular man cooking food

I related to this audio so much. I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people who will yell at a phone in frustration after I’ve hung up. That instantly drew me into it and made me start laughing. Audios don’t always have to be serious or have an important meaning. Sometimes it’s just funny and silly and it makes you feel happy and relaxed. That’s what this audio does and I will always return to it. Although Mr. Emmerson’s voice is something special and I adore the deep richness you can feel even through headphones. 

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I Want You to Fuckin’ Own Me….

This is actually part three of my favourite series. I know I talked about Robinson being number one of the voice actors and that is very true, but this character is always number one to me.

Mr. Holmes encapsulates ‘Vic Callahan’ so well. He has this rich Brooklyn New York accent that I can’t get over. He plays a detective who is the partner of the listener. He wants to protect and care for you as he knows how. He can be vulgar and out there but more than anything he loves you.

I blush whenever I hear his voice and I know that if he were real he would love me even if I’m not perfect. He’s just amazing. Part 1 and 2 in this series are good and I do repeat listens of them but part 3 is where feelings are confessed and you truly know what’s going on in his head. That’s what makes it the best.

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You’re picture perfect baby girl…

This audio came out during a hard time with COVID. I have struggled with body insecurities my whole life and that got worse with the pandemic. That’s what this audio is all about. It brings up gaining weight during the quarantine and he loves you anyway. No matter how your body looks he just wants to love you and show you that it doesn’t matter. That made me feel seen and heard. There was no denial of “You didn’t gain weight” it had the attitude of ‘Who cares, we survived’. That’s what I needed more than anything else and I still go back to it even 2 years later. 

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Boyfriend comforting his girlfriend in a photo booth

Hiking turns into something far more interesting

This audio… Damn… All the others had a nice meaning, something comforting and sweet. This one? It’s just spicy. It’s dirty, it’s spicy, it’s hot. It has a hint of danger that I really crave sometimes. I tend to be a person stuck in their head so an audio like this with a stranger tying you up on a hiking trip…It’s out there and something I could never do in real life. But that’s the point. This audio tested something for me that I would never have done in a million years. This audio safely explored a side of myself I didn’t even know existed. Audios like this bring in something new. A way to test it without actually putting your life in someone’s hands. That’s what I needed and I still return to this audio. It’s widely known in the community as one of the best and spiciest. I adore it and I will always recommend it.

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Mr. Chambers ASMR

I’ve had insomnia since I was a teenager. Sleep has never come easy and that’s one of the biggest ways I found ASMR and audio erotica. I was trying to find something to help me sleep. When I learned about the SFW audios that BKS had I was so excited. This smooth British accent with the rain in the background puts me right to sleep.

One of my biggest complaints is that ASMR audio creators don’t make their audios long enough. This was a full 35 minute audio all about helping you sleep. I needed that more than anything. I like to equate this audio with a warm hug, it just pulls you in, makes you feel comfortable and safe then holds you together in the hardest moments. It’s a great place to start for something simple.

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The final notes

I always know no matter what I can fall back into these audios and know I made the right choice. BKS has always provided the variety of voice actors and situations that can help me when I need it. Whether it’s a naughty erotica or just a comforting soft ASMR, there is something for me. It’s comforting and safe and stable.


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