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Safe & Loved: Best Sleep Aid Audios for Sweet Dreams

When my anxiety-ridden mind won’t let me sleep (sounds familiar?), I like to envision myself snuggled up by a fireplace with the love of my life. The feeling of being cuddled and cared for helps me to take my mind off real life and drift off to sleep with a heart full of love.

So I’ve put together a collection of sleep aid and boyfriend ASMR audios that have helped me to fall asleep over and over again. It’s mostly cuddly boyfriend comfort ASMR but also a couple of spicier stories for that sweet post-O deep sleep. Most of these sleep aid audios are on YouTube, but a few are on Patreon.

Here is the shortlist, if you want to jump over to a specific audio:

Cuddling with your boyfriend next to a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate

Mood: Comforting

Storyline: Amidst the storm outside, you are cuddling in front of the fireplace. You both laugh and chat over a cup of hot chocolate, eventually drifting off to sleep.

Feeling: Cozy, domestic bliss

This is probably my favourite sleep aid audio of all time. It reminds me of the time around fall when the leaves start to turn different colours, it’s raining and you are inside your cozy room, cuddled up with a book and warm brew, fire crackling in the background. The air smells of freshly baked apple cinnamon rolls and time just stops.

While this audio has nothing to do with autumn (other than the storm), it gives me the same feeling of peace and coziness.

In this story you and your boyfriend are snuggling under a blanket in the glow of a roaring fireplace, sharing a cup of hot chocolate and chatting about everything and anything.

His warm smile, the gentle touch of his hand on yours, and his calming voice create a sense of safety and love within you. You rest on his shoulders and chest, confiding your worries before you both drift off to sleep with the fire still blazing and the storm a distant sound outside. 

Listen to this sleep aid audio HERE

You will like this story if you:

  • Want a cozy feeling
  • Like a simple plot
  • Need some comforting

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Rainy day boyfriend comfort sleep aid ASMR

Mood: Calming

Storyline: Going to sleep with your boyfriend as he murmurs in your ear

Feeling: Protected

Every stressed woman should be entitled to a boyfriend with teddy-bear energy who says “I’ve got you. You are safe in my arms” every few minutes. It’s a shame the world doesn’t work this way, but this audio is probably the closest we will get.

The story takes place on a rainy day when you snuggle up with your man in bed. He embraces you in a big warm hug and prescribes ‘mandatory murmurs and cuddles.’

The audio has a very ASMR-like vibe that creates a calming and relaxing feeling, filled with gentle whispering, murmurs, and sweet words.

Listen to “Rainy day boyfriend comfort ASMR” on YouTube

Listen to this audio if YOU:

  • Want something more ASMR-like and less plot heavy
  • Like murmurs and whispers

Helping a shy girl explore what she wants

Mood: Simple life, protective man

Storyline: Your neighbour, a handsome ex-marine, helps you with gardening and other romantic endeavours

Feeling: Protective

There is something so soothing about putting yourself in the arms of a stronger, more experienced man who will protect you no matter what and is devoted to giving you the best time.

“Helping a shy girl explore what she wants” is the first part of the long loved five-part “Marine & Shy Girl” series. I guarantee, there is a VERY strong chance you will be crying at some point while listening to this series.

The story is weirdly relatable, as you take on the role of a shy girl, living a simple life in a small house with a garden and a big bookshelf. One day, while gardening outside, you struggle to carry a massive plant pot. Your neighbour, a handsome ex-marine, notices this and rushes to help you.

You have been avoiding him because you find talking to strangers quite nerve-wracking. But there is no backing out now, so you invite him inside for a cup of tea.

As the conversation flows, you accidentally admit that you are a virgin, because you never connected or felt comfortable enough with anyone to actually go through with it… until now.

You see something special in the marine. He’s protective and caring, and just being around him has a calming effect on you. In a gentle, respectful way, he helps you explore the desires you’ve had tucked away for the longest time.

This audio has the power to calm my mind instantly, and if you don’t want the spicy parts, it has half an hour long sweet SFW intro.

Listen to “Helping a shy girl explore what she wants”

Listen to this if you:

  • Want something more story based
  • Want an experienced, protective, strong guy
  • Are craving romance

All I need is my baby girl

Mood: Deep love

Storyline: Your boyfriend is late for your weekend getaway and he showers you with love and appreciation once he finds out you aren’t mad about it

Feeling: Gratitude for your partner

This story makes me feel so… secure. No drama, no BS… just pure love, understanding and appreciation for each other.

“All I need is my baby girl” transports me into a happy, secure, long term relationship of two lovers. Your boyfriend borrowed his parent’s cabin for the weekend to do a romantic getaway.

Unfortunately, due to work, he ended up arriving late at night at the cabin. He’s super bummed that he arrived late… however, he finds you lying on the bed admiring the view of the lake in bed. Maybe the night isn’t ruined after all.

He showers you with words of love and appreciation and makes you the happiest woman in the world.

listen to this if:

  • You want an established relationship story
  • Are craving love and appreciation

Nightmare comfort

Mood: Comforting intimacy

Storyline: You have a nightmare and your boyfriend comforts you back to sleep

Feeling: Longing for closeness

When I long for closeness and want to bury my face in my partners warm chest, our skins pressing against each other, this audio delivers intimacy on a level unmatched.

In the audio, you wake up from a nightmare, and your boyfriend comforts you with tender cuddles and sweet words. It starts off cute and cuddly, but halfway through, it becomes a lot more passionate as you crave your man more than cuddles can deliver. So you both embrace each other in passionate intimacy.

Finally, you fall asleep exhausted in his arms, head on his chest, safe and sound.

I’ll listen only to the first 15 minutes of this audio, when I want only a sleep aid. But on the days when I want the full experience, the latter part of the audio satisfies the cravings for deeper intimacy.

Listen to the sleep aid part on YouTube or the full version with the spicy parts on Patreon or on PornHub (if you don’t mind the in-your-face ads encouraging you to enlarge everything, from your privates to your left toe)

Listen to this if you:

  • Need comforting
  • Like established relationship stories
  • Crave something more passionate and spicy than a purely SFW sleep aid audio

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Chocolate, Cramps, and Period Comfort

Mood: Caring

Storyline: You start your period at your new boyfriend’s and feel embarrassed about the stained sheets. But he knows exactly how to make you feel better

Feeling: Deep trust and comfort

Most guys are clueless about what to do with women on their periods, especially when she accidentally stains the sheets at night and has bad stomach cramps. But not this guy.

Shark week does not scare this ASMR boyfriend. He will empathetically spoon feed you a tub of ice cream and massage your tummy. He will hop to the shop to make sure you have enough tampons and pain killers. And he will never laugh about the fact you have gone from crying to laughing to binging on chocolate to crying again, all in the past 10 minutes.

“Chocolate, Cramps, and Period Comfort” is a lighthearted audio that makes the shark week tad bit more tolerable.

listen to this if you:

  • Want something light hearted and sweet
  • Need a boyfriend that is also your best friend
  • Want a SFW sleep aid audio
  • Like new relationship stories

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Here For You

Mood: Affectionate attention

Storyline: Your partner comforts you when you are ill

Feeling: Being taken care of

An audio for when you feel like crap, the world is unfair, you feel sorry for yourself or, in simple terms, you just need a good hug.

It’s the middle of the night and you are sick. You feel awful but you really don’t want to wake your partner so you go out to the living room and sleep on the couch so you don’t keep him up.

But he didn’t stay asleep long and wants to make you feel better. Lots of cuddles, some medicine and comforting is all it takes to have you dozing off soon again, your head on his chest.

Listen to this if:

  • You are ill and need comforting
  • Want to be taken care of

Let Me Be Your Guide

Mood: Passionate & sweet

Storyline: Your partner comforts you and guides your self-pleasure

Feeling: Loving intimacy

I swear, this guy can read my mind! Listening to the first two minutes of the audio, I was nodding my head the whole time.

The story starts with you getting sleepy…at least, trying to. It’s late, and your lover waits for you in bed, but recently, you’ve been having a hard time falling asleep. It seems that your mind is always racing, full of stress and self-criticism.

Luckily, your lover has the perfect way to help. He knows how to clear your mind, set you at ease, and bring your night to the perfect end. All you have to do is close your eyes, and listen.

The first half of the story is calming and relaxing, so if you want a purely SFW sleep aid, stop around the 20-minute mark. The second part is heavier… Personally, I also enjoy the more intense sections because, you know, if I haven’t fallen asleep after 20 minutes, I might as well indulge a bit..

Listen to ‘Let me be your guide’

You will like this audio if:

  • You are feeling anxious
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Want a soothing voice

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Gentle kissing, moans and murmurs ASMR

Sensual couple cuddling in front of a fireplace enjoying a cup of hot chocolate

Mood: Passionate & sweet

Storyline: Your partner comforts you and guides your self-pleasure

Feeling: Loving intimacy

I am a sucker for cuddles, and this story gives me exactly that. The audio is so immersive; it genuinely feels like I have a boyfriend next to me, soothing me.

I just close my eyes and let my imagination follow the gentle whispers of Mr. Robinson’s voice, and soon I’ll forget about my worries:

Easy baby, settle in my lap.

Breathe for me.

I know you’re really stressed out right now, when the deal on the house goes through, hopefully things will settle but till then we’re going to have to wait, yeah?

If there’s anything I can do to ease it I will.

I know what you need.

Do you want my murmurs baby?

I know how much you like it when I whisper in your ear.

This is another audio that is less story and plot based and more of an ASMR type.

Listen to “Gentle kissing, moans and murmurs ASMR” HERE

This sleep aid will be great if:

  • You are stressed and need a good cuddle
  • Want something fully SFW and relaxing

Sleep aid comfort ASMR

Mood: Comforting ASMR

Storyline: Your partner comforts you and guides your self-pleasure

Feeling: Calming, gentle whispers

‘Sleepy Comfort’ audio is the best sleep aid when I crave the sounds of rain and the comfort of a loving boyfriend.

Your boyfriend in this ASMR audio tucks you in bed and talks you to sleep. It’s a dark and rainy night, but you both are cozy, snuggled up in your warm bed. With the soft, gentle whispering in the audio combined with the soothing sounds of the raindrops outside, it feels as if my real-life partner is right there with me, helping me relax.

I feel a great sense of comfort every time I listen to this sleep aid audio.

Listen to “Sleepy comfort” HERE

you will like this audio if YOU:

  • Like rain sounds
  • Want an ASMR style audio with gentle whispering





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