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Husband and Wife Spanking Stories That Will Make Your Cheeks Burn

A collection of husband and wife spanking stories that will make your heart race and your cheeks burn in more ways than one. Discover the perfect balance between love, trust, and a playful swat! Every story deserves a little spank of excitement.

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I love You, Deerly

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Oh my ovaries. My poor, poor ovaries. Nothing is sexier to a mom than a dad that takes equal responsibility for their shared workload. No weaponized incompetence here!

This storyline was almost too realistic for porn. There’s very intimate and beautiful communication between the voice actor (VA) and the listener. The spanking in this audio is playful and teasing and it’s actually the listener who initiates it first.

I almost felt like I was intruding on something while listening to this one. Hands stay in front when you walk. You’re a big girl. Was way too familiar to hear. Also, two creampies before the baby wakes up? I call that a win. It still made me laugh hearing the reaction to the baby, cause we’ve all been there…

Listen if you enjoy:

  • Playful spanking
  • Face sitting
  • A comforting and domestic slice of life

Listen to “I Love you Deerly” on: Youtube or Patreon

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Photo of a handsome and sensual couple in an office

Work Life Balance

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If you just watched Fair Play on Netflix and thought she deserved a real man, this audio is for you. Listening to this, I couldn’t help but imagine after the movie ended, she found a confident, powerful man like Mr. Emmerson who allowed her to stay in her feminine energy. 

I’ve memorized every sound you make. Every whimper.Was delivered with such perfection, and of course there’s aftercare. 

The “action” doesn’t start until the 32-minute mark but the scene plays out smoothly beforehand. Our wife visits her husband at work, and they get into some spanking mischief in his private office. There’s guided breathing together, consent checks, ASMR keyboard clicks, and humming. 

Listen to story this if you enjoy:

  • Mild degradation 
  • Slow burn stories with teasing used as foreplay
  • Hold the moan audios
  • Light spanking as punishment

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Photo of a good-looking muscular man wearing a white shirt

Public Display

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Within the first couple minutes of this audio, it’s clear this couple has already established their BDSM dynamic for some time. There are formal established rules, and I love that the brat (listener) already knew how many spanks she was going to receive. Showing that consent without having to explicitly say it.

That’s my little kitten purring for me.”

Public Display by Best Kept Secret

This audio is incredibly atmospheric. It’s set in a kink club, so you’ll hear music playing, people talking in the background, and the sound of clinking glasses from the listener getting pounded into the table.

I made the mistake of listening to this one alone, and it drove me absolutely wild. The listener’s behavior had the brat in me kicking their little feet and made me even start to tease my own dom. Which ended in a delightfully sore night for me.

Listen to this if you enjoy:

  • Heavy exhibitionism and bratting
  • Possessive doms
  • Orgasm control
  • Immersive background sounds
  • Mentions of aftercare

Listen to “Public Display” on Pornhub or Patreon

Handsome husband looking for his wife in green woods

The Thrill of the Chase

Primal kink girlies, assemble!

This one hit a little too close to home and gave me the best flashbacks of running through the woods with my own husband. 

There are established rules and boundaries discussed before everything starts, really sinking into that feeling of safety and care before things go absolutely feral. The nature noises and branches breaking really draw you into the world of the audio and the VA falling and cursing was just a genius addition to the story. 

I appreciated the aftercare in this because it shows that there doesn’t always need to be this big elaborate gesture of rose petals and a bubble bath. It can just be talking to each other after and making sure you both enjoyed what just took place.

Listen to this if you:

  • Love the idea of being absolutely devoured by your partner
  • Don’t mind dirty talk and degradation
  • Enjoy hold the moan/ public play 
  • Have a primal kink

Listen to “The Thrill of the Chase” on Youtube or Patreon

Photo of female hands

Guided Self Punishment

We brat a little too close to the sun in this one right away and it had me clutching invisible pearls. The quiver of excitement when he tells you to “say it again” would have had me immediately running. He does give her an out by asking her to apologize before the punishments start, but where’s the fun in that? 

She has to earn his touch after bad behavior and it drove me wild craving it. I just wanted him to lose control and take over the entire time, which is part of the fun of being a brat. It doesn’t always get you exactly what you want but it’s still always fun. 

I’m doing this because I love you,” was such an intimate phrase to say during this, all to remind us that while this is technically meant to be discipline, it’s still coming from a place of love and care. 

Listen to this if you love:

  • Giving up control to a dominant man
  • Being disciplined
  • Heavy praise and encouragement
  • Being on display just for him

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Husband and wife making out in the bathroom on the wedding day

Wedding Day Adventures: Hiding you Away from Prying Eyes

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The switch between whispering filth in the listener’s ears while also talking and greeting guests had me swooning. Even though this audio was supposed to be a quickie during a wedding reception, it was very sweet and passionate. Truly what sex would be like if you just got married and absolutely revered your partner.

He didn’t stop making her feel desired the entire time, constantly reaffirming how beautiful and loved she was. The spanks took place in the middle of sex vs before, and it fits in so perfectly. Hearing the cracks of his hand in between his thrusts and talking was realistic like your husband just couldn’t help himself in the heat of the moment and had to give you a couple of spanks for good measure. 

Listen to this if you enjoy:

  • The thrill of potentially getting caught
  • Words of affirmation
  • Mentions of getting you pregnant
  • Spanking during sex

Listen to “Wedding Day Adventures: Hiding you Away from Prying Eyes” on: Pornhub or Patreon

Sensual couple in the bed before sleep

Welcome Home

Listen to: Welcome Home on: Youtube or Patreon

For the women with baby fever who want to imagine the perfect life with their dream man and child, look no further. The foreplay in this is the VA taking care of the listener. And it absolutely works. To come home to everything already done, baby in bed, then to be pampered and complimented so heavily…I could write a dissertation on this audio alone.

Spread your cheeks apart and show me what’s mine, actually made me have to take a lap around the room. The complete 180 from “Daddy mode” to straight “Daddy dom” was impressive. Her cheeks would be ablaze from the spanks he was dealing out.

At one point the listener communicates she wants her clit rubbed differently and was beautiful to hear that she was comfortable asking for what she needed. And after he encouraged her he praised her for asking for what she wanted. There’s clear communication all the way through, with the addition of coming down together and check-ins.

Listen to this if:

  • You enjoy being called “mommy”
  • Anal play is exciting to you
  • You don’t mind a slow build centered around a domestic life with a child

Listen to “Welcome Home” on: Youtube or Patreon

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Reflections from the bedroom

When it comes to spanking audio erotica, I don’t think any of us are on all fours on our beds with a paddle listening for our cue. There’s a flow to how these stories normally go and the build-up is intentional. Spanking audios are perfect for preparing for a scene with your partner, or teasing yourself alone. 

There’s no “holy rite” on how to spank or when you’re allowed to do it.

Everyone’s dynamic is different.

Spanking can look like punishment to some and to others playful teasing. And it can change from day to day. 

Husband and wife spanking stories are especially great if you’ve never been spanked before and are looking to dip your toes into that dynamic before approaching your partner about it. 

Common themes you’ll often find in a husband and wife spanking story:

  • Open and honest communication. 
  • Clear set boundaries. 
  • Affectionate touches and intimacy. 
  • Some form of aftercare

These audios will always center around keeping you, our “wife,” in that safe space of knowing your partner cares about your pleasure and safety. To allow you to fully sink in and immerse yourself in the scene without fear

More husband and wife spanking stories

Whether you’re just getting into impact play or are a veteran, sometimes things can get overwhelming. Which is why, in the real world, it’s absolutely crucial to have a partner you trust and feel safe expressing your discomfort with. If you’re single or you just don’t feel comfortable enough to try spanking in real life yet, our guys here at BKS will always be available, in your ears, to provide that security.

For more incredibly delicious husband and wife spanking stories, or to satisfy any other kinks, explore Best Kept Secret’s vast collection of free audio stories available on Pornhub, Reddit, and Soundgasm. Or join our Patreon where you’ll find over 450 exclusive audios, as well as a judgment free community of like minded individuals.


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