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11 Surprising Kinks Women Found Through Audio Erotica

SPANKINGS AND BONDAGE AND BREEDING OH MY!! What the Flog are women finding out about themselves while listening to erotic ASMR audios? Kinks and how they like them served. I’ll take two spanks to-go and a lemonade please. 

Audio erotica is like a treasure trove for female exploration. You go in thinking, ‘I already know what I like’. Then, ‘BAM, a praise kink’. ‘Slap, now you’ve got a breeding kink’, ‘Whoosh, a degradation kink’. And in the blink of an eye, you’ve found a whole array of new things to add to your repertoire, making your bedroom life more exciting.

“DDLG, breeding, primal play, pet play, soft Dom AND strict Dom, praise AND degradation, older man/younger woman….🤭 I’ve definitely learned so much about myself through audio erotica 🙈”

-BKS Subscriber

But the million dollar question is, how many secret kinks do you have that you don’t know about?

While I’ll let you discover that yourself, you might be wondering, who am I to tell you anything about other women’s kinks? Good question! Other than being an avid audio erotica listener myself for more time than I’d like to admit, there’s a vibrant, supportive community out there sharing and discussing all these things. This article is a compilation of insights from hundreds of diverse individuals who share their thoughts in the BKS community and on Discord.

Ok, let’s get into it!

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1. Praise Kink – “Good Girl!”

“PRAISE KINK! I’d never even heard this term before I found B.K.S.! And thank God I did! Although I’m pretty sexually adventurous, I always hated anything even slightly degrading and being called “dirty slut” etc. in the heat of passion was akin to throwing a bucket of cold water on me. But…say good girl or the like…FUCK YES! So thank you, B.K.S…. for I can now clearly define to my lover how exactly to trip my trigger! I have a praise kink!”

BKS Listener (Go to comment)

If these words make you weak in the knees, you probably have a praise kink:

  • “Good girl!”
  • “You are doing so well for me!”
  • “I love you gorgeous!”
  • You are perfect for me, baby!”
  • I love the sweetest girl in the world

Praise kink is one of the first things women find out about themselves on day one of listening to audio erotica. In the words of one BKS listener, “I didn’t know what a praise kink WAS til I heard Gallo call me ‘good fucking girl’ and I lost it… “ (Source)

In a world full of independent women like you and me, constantly proving we don’t need a man’s approval to be ‘good enough’, why does his praise still feel so amazing? It’s like affirmations that make us feel wanted and safe.

And honestly, who doesn’t love compliments? I can’t grasp how some claim they don’t need verbal validation. It’s baffling! I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear they’re pretty, witty, or sexy? It’s just the truth, right?!

Most of us love a good praise during intimacy, but it can take a while for us to discover that. I mean, how would we know… During sex, guys are usually quiet, and a hushed moan or grunt is often all we get. And let’s not even start on traditional porn. But audio erotica? That’s a different story. These guys are as vocal as it gets. You’ll hear everything!

If you too are thirsty for a well deserved praise party, check out these audios:

A photo of a woman and her boyfriend, both in a DDLG relationship

2. DDLG (Daddy Dom Little Girl Roleplay)

”I used to make fun of DDLG so I started listening to those audios “as a joke”.  It is very much no longer a joke. “

”I knew I had a bit of a “little” in me,  but the Daddy Kink and Primal Play really surprised me as to how much I adore them.?

BKS Listeners (Go to comments)

A Daddy Dom plays with his very adult partner by gently nurturing her innocence before ravaging it… I drooled a little just then.

I think DDLG is one of those kinks that people can take a little time to warm up to. You may not be comfortable with him being called ‘daddy’ or letting him take such extensive care of you.

But listening to audio erotica exposes the beauty of having a partner with whom you feel taken care of and safe. And engaging with other girls enjoying DDLG audios helps quiet the little ‘But is this ok? Am I weird?’ voice in your head.

So, what’s in DDLG that’s so appealing? Well, I can speak from first-hand experience. First of all, a Daddy Dom is delicious enough by himself. But adding sweet, sensual words of praise that make you feel like the most perfect picture ever developed? That’s a YES for me. The solid reassurance and verbal reinforcements make me feel deeply cared for. This is one of those kinks that you never realize is lying dormant until the right Daddy calls you ‘his cupcake’… It’s wonderful when you can connect enough to his softer side to tell you he’s proud of all you’ve overcome and that you mean the world to him.

Most importantly, YOU deserve to be praised, you luscious, gorgeous woman!…

Now, if you are intrigued, then here are a few audios to see if you’ve got the DDLG kink too:

And if you are craving more, check out 6 DDLG ASMR audio stories that naughty littles will love

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3. Degradation Kink: “Call Me a Dirty Little Slut, Please!”

The concept of a degradation kink, which involves being called names, spoken to in a demeaning manner, or experiencing humiliation, seems counterintuitive. But it can be incredibly hot if it’s your thing!

Many listeners have expressed that having their naughty side acknowledged by their lover is an extreme turn-on. I love how passion and poison meet sensuality and humiliation. It’s the perfect brew of kink in my cup.

“Degradation! Somehow being called needy and pathetic just gets me so hot 🔥 “

“I knew I had a degradation kink, but I never knew “dumb tart” would get my gears turnin

BKS Listeners (Go to comments)

A degradation kink can be a bit challenging to explore in the bedroom, especially if you don’t have a partner who’s a natural at dirty talk. Many partners hesitate, worried about hurting your feelings – a valid concern if degradation isn’t your cup of tea. Plus, some might struggle with the idea of calling their loved one demeaning names.

That’s where audio erotica comes in as the perfect solution. It’s also the reason why so many listeners realise they have a degradation kink for the first time while listening to an audio. Audio erotica offers a deeply immersive experience, almost lifelike, allowing you to safely test whether this kink resonates with you. Additionally, you can share these audios and listener comments with your partner, helping them understand the allure and potentially opening a new avenue in your intimate explorations.

You may prefer the softer tones of degradation where the name calling stays within the perimeters of traditional sexy name calling such as ‘my dirty girl’, or ‘vixen minx’. Or you could be the type who prefers the more extreme name calling, if that’s so, you may find the term ‘dirty little slut’ particularly electrifying. 

Listen to these audios to explore the degradation kink more:

Photo of an intimate couple making out in a sunny bedroom

4. Breeding – “Let’s Make a Baby”

I didn’t know I could have a breeding kink, since I don’t want to be a mother and I even got surgery to never get the chance. But at the same time that’s great, because I can practice the kink without the 18+ years of repercussions 🤭😆”

BKS Listener (Go to comment)

Many women are finding out that their desire for procreation isn’t just about co-creation; apparently, it’s also a pleasure request. Even femmes who aren’t interested in becoming mothers are discovering that the need to breed is still at the top of their kink list.

The thought of being repeatedly ‘filled up’ by a loving partner is probably on a few bucket lists. Some listeners have discovered that they are turned on by the idea of their partner’s intention to extend their connection through creating a baby, making both participants feel more intimately aligned with each other.

Discovering a breeding kink through audio erotica is, I think, the safest way to really understand your ‘need to breed’ without having to get a second and… third income for school supplies.

If you suspect you also may thoroughly enjoy your partner putting a baby in you (although you may not actually want kids at all), check out these audios. You may find them to be quite… filling.

5. Submissive- “Yes, Please, Thank You Sir!

“As a control freak, I never entertained the thought of submission, I do now though”

“Kinks that I’ve discovered from erotic audios in just a few months include: Rope, Blindfolds, Praise, DDLG (I still can’t believe this one, but the kitty purrs lol) CNC, orgasm denial and gentle degradation..and I mean So, before this, I thought I was a domme. huh..go figure. Lol”

BKS Listeners (Go to comments)

Sex is one of the only places where women want to release control to a trusting partner. Contrary to popular belief, submissives are not emotionally weak or powerless; the truth is actually more badass than that. Subs have most of the power in the relationship because they hold the ability to allow. Now, that is sexy as hell.

Droves of femmes are discovering that allowing themselves to give up control to their partners teaches them how to let go and trust in other areas of life. Cheers to multiple orgasms!

Want more of that sweet sub power? Have a listen to these sexy audios:

Photo of a woman's chest tied in bondage

6. Bondage – “Tie Me Up and Call Me…

“I didn’t think I had any kind of kinks until I got into erotic ASMR. Turns out I like being called a good girl, and like the idea of being tied up.”

BKS Listener (Go to comment)

The ancient art of rope bondage is captivating the minds of people worldwide. The thrill of being securely held in place by protective ropes, expertly arranged by a lover, is a fantasy many listeners are realising they simply can’t do without.

For me, bondage enhances my femininity and innocence. The experience of being at the mercy of a strong, protective partner, trusting in him completely because I know I’m safe and loved, is precisely the sensation I regularly crave in my kinks.

Here are a few BKS audios on bondage that are bound… to rope you in.

Photo of a couple getting intimate in red sheets

7. CNC – “What’s Your Safe Word?

“Breeding, spitting, slapping, and some CNC have been unlocked for me. Spitting, slapping, and CNC used to be hard no’s for me. Then I started listening to audio porn and I was like oh.😳”

“CNC, breeding, submissive men. And there was also this time I listened to an audio where the speaker threatened to kill the listener and I found it kinda hot.”

BKS Listeners (Go to comments)

CNC, or Consensual Non-Consensual play, is about role-playing scenarios where one partner appears to resist or say no, but has actually given prior consent for the scenario. It’s a thrilling way to explore ‘forced’ encounters while ensuring everything is safe, consensual, and pre-agreed.

Women are loving the idea of this kind of roleplay. Hey, I don’t know about you, but when I grow up, I want to be chased and ‘eaten’ by a sexy intruder who wants to steal my innocence!

Of course, this has to be within a partnership that offers a safe space, where real compassion, trust, and respect are present. This way, roleplaying can become a little dangerous, yet stay within the bounds of consent.

The thrill of knowing that you are actually safe is what makes it so enticing. Being snatched into the shadows by your sexy six-foot four lover doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Just remember, ladies, to always have that safe word ready.

For those of you who share my dreams of being devoured by a ravaging, loving predator that you call boyfriend, check out these audios:

Photo of man's hands pinning down his girlfriend's arms

8. Orgasm Denial- “May I C*M Please?

It’s less about the destination and more about the journey! Orgasm denial involves your dominant controlling and deciding exactly when (or if) you get to reach that explosive moment.

Orgasm denial is one of my absolute favorites because it elevates teasing to an entirely different level. This practice involves touching each erogenous zone for long periods of time without the promise or permission of release from your sexy dominant. It’s the perfect punishment for those who are not into spanking! And when you finally get to the end… wow! It’s a feeling worth having!

For your edging pleasure, check out these audios chalked full of delicious denial:

Image of a submissive woman and her partner

9. Objectifying Sexuality – “Use Me, Please!

Objectifying sexuality is all about turning yourself into a tantalizing object of desire, where the focus is on being used for pleasure. It’s a kink where your role shifts from just a partner to an irresistible plaything. This heavenly fantasy involves being both the observer of the fantasy and a participant in your partner’s. Everything about this kink is a pleasure sundae. You like that he likes what you like, and what he likes is to USE you. Look at you, being so, uh, useful.

It seems women are eagerly tuning in to experience their audio BF’s wild desire to treat them like they’re the sexiest item. Letting your masculine express all of his dirty man thoughts exactly the way he wants to, because everything he wants to do is exactly what you like, is soul-mating in my book.

Now, be a doll and check out these audios audios for your playtime:

Photo of a dominant woman leaning over her partner

10. Dominatrix – “Can I Make Him Whimper?

“I thought I was strictly submissive when it came to my kinks but then I found a male sub audio that made me feel unexpectedly excited at the idea of dominating.”

“Male moaning his pleasure…it is by far the sexiest thing I have ever heard since joining BKS. I never knew what I was missing but now I can’t go without it.”

BKS Listeners (Go to comments)

Embracing the ‘woman as the Dom’ kink is all about flipping traditional roles, where the woman takes the reins in the bedroom, exuding control and power. It’s a tantalizing dynamic that appeals to many because it challenges norms and puts her in charge of the pleasure game.

In the world of sex gaming, pleasure reigns as the ultimate Dominant. Due to this unwritten law, it’s always incredibly hot when a stoic dom unravels under the influence of genuine bliss.

Women have expressed a truly surprising wave of tingles connected to the sound of subby, whiny male moaning. Mmm, I totally get it, ladies. Could this be linked to our desire to control his pleasure? Absolutely! Or is it that his subby moans offer us a glimpse into his most vulnerable self?

For the most delectable male dom whimpers, check out this audio series and more:

Black and white photo of a man holding a paddle

11. Pain Play- “I’ve Been a Bad Girl!

Doctor! There’s Pleasure in my Pain! The objective of pain play is to experience alternating waves of sensations: sparks of pain followed by sparks of pleasure. Considering pain and pleasure share the same neural pathways, it’s not surprising that the sting of a flogger mingles well with the soothing stimulation of a kiss.

Being sensitive to touch myself, I find this concept a bit difficult to grasp. Initially, I couldn’t understand why anyone would purposely seek out pain during foreplay.

Curious, I interviewed some deviant divas about their experiences. I wanted to know why the painful sting of a slap or bite is the key that opens their ‘kitty door.’ One woman likened it to a fervent love for hot sauce. Another explained that her experiences don’t just start with pain; instead, passion leads to intense kissing, which then escalates to biting and eventually choking.

In-Person Femme Testimonials From a Few Dear Friends:

WA – “For me being used makes my blood rush. Knowing that my body is causing such a foundational, real and tangible pleasure. It makes my own pleasure double.

SK – “I’m not a masochist BUT when it comes to Sadism, I like Control, Power, just the fact that my partner trusts me enough to administer the right amount of pain is a huge endorphin rush.

CA – “It’s knowing how much I really mean to my partner and experiencing joy through him as I please him by being his toy/pet/baby girl.

TH- “I like being a good girl, being of use is a huge element of my submission and the next logical step is to be a literal toy whose only purpose is to keep my partner happy.

Listeners have expressed a primal, animalistic urge to grab what they want and sink their teeth into it. It’s akin to how some people eat habanero peppers whole, while others savor their spice wrapped in the sting of a spanking.

Since I deeply respect the privacy of your punishment, I’ll just leave these audios right here and walk away:

And if you are craving more, check out:

Dare to Explore

Ladies, I’m so proud of us!! Knowing that femmes are finding kink preferences, setting limits and feeling sexy through audio erotica, makes me feel like I’m in the right room!

Now, always keep in mind that all kinks are not going to resonate with everyone and that’s ok! Just be cool enough to not Yuck someone else’s Yum. Of course everyone has to genuinely agree on likes for any of these fantasies to be truly enjoyable.

So speak your kink loudly. Explore your dirty little heart’s desires and open up to your own fantasies. Treat yourself to erotic audio stories and uncover the hidden voice of your primal desires.

Erotic audios are the best place to discover and explore your kinks because you get to feel all of your feels without misunderstandings, misjudgement or shame killing your wettest dreams. Well, unless that’s your kink, then by all means, drink your shame through the sexiest straw you can find.. It’s Your business and your Best Kept Secret..

And if you’d like to enjoy more sexy erotic audios, join thousands of women enjoying Best Kept Secret’s spicy creations.

Until next time my deviant divas, Kink Well!





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