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Let’s Make a Baby, Buttercup! Breeding Kink and Everything About It

Why does the phrase “I’ll put a baby in you” sound so hot in the heat of the moment (even when you don’t want kids)? Let’s explore the breeding kink: What it is and why it makes us go feral?

And fun fact: breeding kink is WAY more common than you may think. It’s one of the first kinks women discover when starting to learn more about their sexual side

Just a fair warning, in this article I am talking from my experience and I didn’t really hold back with the language. So in case you are reading this on the tube with a sneaky thirteen-year-old lurking from behind your shoulder, I’d suggest bookmarking this page and come back later. This is certainly not a PG13 rated post.

What is breeding kink?

Breeding kink is a fantasy or a role-play centered around impregnation. This scenario is purely fantastical and doesn’t necessarily indicate a desire for actual pregnancy. The thrill here lies in the play-acting associated with the risk or possibility of conception.

Many misunderstand this kink, often dismissing it with statements like, ‘Someone can’t have a breeding kink; that’s just natural instinct kicking in.’ This is a far-removed take. Breeding kink is much more than just a natural instinct or a sudden, impulsive decision to risk it all in the heat of the moment. It’s not merely about the desire for risky intercourse.

Instead, breeding kink often involves a deeper psychological element. It’s about the dynamics of being claimed, and sometimes, dominated in a manner that is both feral and primal. This kink encapsulates a symbolic gesture of belonging and commitment. What could be a more potent symbol of belonging to someone than the idea of allowing your body to undergo a transformation for them? While not everyone wants to actually get pregnant, the illusion of risk within the safe confines of this kink can be incredibly thrilling.

Breeding kink phrases

Here is a lightning-round list of common breeding phrases if you are looking to expand your own kinky vocabulary, or if you are just curious about what phrases you might find in breeding kink erotica. With some comments from me… because why not!

  • “I’m going to fuck a baby into you” – A classic
  • “Hold my c*m inside of you” – Yes sir!
  • “I’m gonna put a baby inside you right now” – Mmmmm
  • “You feel how full you are with me, baby?” – Dear god yes
  • “Let me watch my c*m drip out of you” – The whimper that just escaped me

And an honorable mention for my favorite breeding line of all time:

  • “Milk me”This will literally make my eyes roll into the back of my head. I go feral for this.

Why is breeding kink appealing?

The appeal of breeding kink stems from the ability for both partners to fully let go, feeling each other without a film of latex in the way, not having to worry about pulling out, being marked and claimed from the inside out, and fully trusting each other with a future together. Pick your poison!

I used to love a good breeding scene back in the day. I even had a fertility monitor that told me when I was ovulating specifically for it. It lit up this cute little green petal that would tell me when it was safe to have unprotected sex and not end up pregnant. The excitement from being able to tell my man, “You don’t need a condom today” would make those “green days,” so much more wild than any other sex we’d have. 

After two kids and a vasectomy between us, I now prefer the illusion of a breeding kink. All the same dirty talk and actions with zero of the risk. It’s become more of a way for my husband to leave a unique mark on me that no one but us can see. Now every day is a “green day.” Especially if he’s not home. I can still feel him all day long. 

And I don’t just speak from a lone female perspective. The comments on the BKS breeding kink stories will tell you very similar reasons for what’s in breeding kink that makes people go feral:

“The wanting to fuck a baby into us??? THE BREEDING??? God that’s so fucking hot”

“Not me laying here with my tubes tied begging to be full with his babies 😂”

“Achievement unlocked: new kink discovered.”

“Thank God I have good headphones, That was intense!!!…..My breeding kink 📈📈📈 after listening to him say ‘I’m gonna fill you up sweety and you’re going to look at me while I do it!!’”

“I’m beginning to think I need to share my new obsession with my hubby. I wonder how his acting skills are. LOL”

“I shared with mine. Spiced things up considerably”

Do I have a breeding kink?

That’s only for you to decide and explore. But if the idea of your partner getting you pregnant or just getting filled and claimed sounds intriguing to you, you can definitely dip your toes into this through other avenues before actually trying to experiment in person.

My personal favorite way to get my breeding kink fix when I’m alone is through, not surprisingly, breeding kink audio erotica. There’s truly nothing else that compares when it comes to making me feel like I’m actually being bred.

You can always explore through books as well, there’s plenty of breeding kink smut out there. Or as I prefer the term, cliterature. But there’s only so far your imagination can lead you. 

I like variety so here are three very different breeding kink stories to get your fill. Figuratively.

Breeding Kink Erotica

Someday – Mr. Gallo

Listen to “Someday” on YouTube or Patreon

Multiple orgasms in one audio will always be a win. Then bringing the toys into the mix as well was just, chef’s kiss. Add in the heavy affection with how he speaks about her and it’s the cherry on top.

He’s so descriptive about her reactions. Mentioning every eye roll and noise he’s bringing out of her. The breeding kink in this leans more on the pregnancy aspect of it. There’s talk of her body changing and spoiling her during: “I’ll give you all the massages you want, give you every fucking craving. Keep this body taken care of.”

“I’ll give you all the massages you want, give you every fucking craving. Keep this body taken care of.”

Snippet from “Someday by Best Kept Secret

This story hit the perfect balance between passion and heartfelt tenderness. With the aftercare of him cleaning her up with a warm washcloth and humming nearly putting me to sleep after that session.

Listen to “Someday” on YouTube or Patreon

The Naughty Little Housewife with the Breeding Kink – Mr. Chambers

Listen to “The Naughty Little Housewife with the Breeding Kink” exclusively on Patreon

I’m a pretty simple girl, I see a Snoooza script and I’m immediately dropping what I’m doing to listen. Just the thought of getting pregnant again breaks me out into hives but the writing in this, mixed with Chambers’ voice will be my undoing. 

I didn’t think there was such a thing as breeding kink ASMR but the wet noises in this audio were divine. The sounds of his fingers playing with her while they were kissing could’ve made me orgasm alone. Then the way he was eating her up had my toes curling. Sir, please!

“You’re gonna have to take my cum more than once tonight… Load after load inside you, until it’s gushing out between your legs.”

Snippet from “The Naughty Little Housewife with the Breeding Kink”

He’s so feral yet still so affectionate; I didn’t know what he was going to say next.

Listen to “The Naughty Little Housewife with the Breeding Kink” exclusively on Patreon

Daddy Fucks You Senseless – Mr. Gallo

Listen to “Daddy Fucks you Senseless” on Patreon

The title absolutely says it all and there’s a lot going on under the surface of this breeding kink story that I won’t spoil for you. Just know that once he starts, he absolutely doesn’t stop. And the language in this is some of the most toe-curling vulgarity that I loved listening to. “Breed you like a whore in heat,” almost sent me over the edge. 

There’s so much cum talk in this one, where at one point he even mentions the listener getting filled in every hole by multiple men. Gallo has this way of making you feel uninhibited and secure at the same time that is just uniquely him.

If you are not a fan of heavy degradation and name calling I’d steer clear of this one for now. But if you’re like me and the dirtier the better then grab your headphones. 

Listen to “Daddy Fucks you Senseless” exclusively on Patreon

How do I tell my partner I want to try breeding kink without sounding too awkward?

Nothing about your desires or fantasies should ever be seen as awkward! 

Whenever you approach these conversations the most important aspect is that you both come in with an open mind. You may have thought you were the only one between you with these desires but may discover some new ones your partner has been holding back as well. 

My husband and I have been together for years and we’re still learning about each other. That being said our relationship has always been founded on intimacy and communication so we have gotten into a good routine when it comes to talking about kinks and play scenes we each want to explore. 

Sometimes conversations are as simple as, “Can I talk to you about sex real quick?” And just jumping right in, but I much prefer having an actual discussion together when it comes to new kinks.

We choose a night that works for our schedules and set it up like a date. This way there’s no distractions, no kids barging in, nothing but the two of us. We sit on the bed, sometimes with or without clothes and we make sure to always be touching one another. Whether that’s holding hands or rubbing the other’s legs, the physical connection acts as reassurance to ground us in the moment together.

If you still feel too awkward just blurting out, “I think I have a breeding kink!” It’s easier to instead start by talking about sexual experiences you’ve already had together. Talk about things your partner did that you really enjoyed or want them to do again. “The other night, when you circled your hips while you thrusted. That felt so good on my g-spot and we should definitely try that again to see if it could make me come.” The more back and forth you guys have, the more natural the conversation will flow. 

Lean into the excitement of it. Giggle and laugh together while you reminisce. Get aroused together! The purpose of this is so you both feel comfortable enough to share things about yourself that you probably haven’t told anyone before.  

You can also borrow some tactics from this article, which offers practical ways to reveal kinks to your partner if you aren’t comfortable with just blurting out ‘I want to try breeding kink.’ Although the article focuses more on other kinks, the principles remain the same. It includes some great practical examples and phrases to help start the conversation.

Once you feel comfortable broaching the topic, you can tell them about it while also telling them why it arouses you. “I really want to explore this breeding kink I think I might have. The idea of you finishing inside me and feeling us orgasm together really turns me on.” It’s up to you completely on how sexual you want your language to be, but I’ve found the dirtier the better as this usually leads to a pretty exciting night afterward.

How to incorporate breeding kink into your own bedroom?

So you drank enough water and made sure to do your kegels, now you’re ready to bring this fantasy to life.

If you are single, there are “ejaculating” or “squirting” dildos and toys that you can play with. Some have vibrations, realistic-looking veins, some are even shaped like mythical creatures. If you can imagine it there’s probably a toy for it. There’s even “cum-like” lube that looks and feels just like the real deal for a more realistic finish.

Audio erotica and breeding kink stories are a great addition for when you want to explore this kink on your own. Check out the audios I linked in the “Breeding Kink Erotica” section or search for more content on HERE.

Ready to take the fantasy into the real world? Show your partner some of the audios I linked above. Have a listen to them together. Point it out which parts you find hot, which phrases you would love him to say. Plus the enthusiastic comments by all the lovely listeners tend to help men understand our point of view.

There are 10,000 different ways you can go about your kinks and fetishes, and there’s no set rule book to follow on exactly how to do things. The main phrase you’ll hear the most is to always be safe, sane, and consensual in your practices. 

500 audios to explore your breeding kink

If you’re not looking for your late-night activities to lead to a pregnancy, remember you can always rely on the men here at BKS to keep you satisfied on Youtube, Pornhub or Reddit. As well as as 500 sexy audios and breeding kink stories on Patreon





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