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If Dirty Talk Turns You Wild, Then Dirty Talk ASMR Will Send You Feral

If regular dirty talk gets your pulse racing, wait till you dive into the world of Dirty Talk ASMR. It’s not just a step further; it’s a whole new wild territory. It’s a way to enjoy all the dirty talk in the world. Prepare to explore an untamed side of sensuality that you never knew existed. Buckle up, things are about to get feral!

Dirty Talk ASMR takes its sweet time stimulating your brain before anything else. It’s as if that dirty novel you love, the man of your dreams and a deep, delicious voice were all smushed into one. 

Let us explain. In this post, we cover

If you are simply looking to get your feet (and other parts) wet with a new topic, you can skip to the “examples” section of this post where we’ll help you pick out your next listen. 

As you step into new genres and sub-genres of erotic audio, it’s important to remember that not everything will be your cup of orgasm perfection. And that’s okay.

First off, What is ASMR?

The term ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, was introduced by Jennifer Allen, who worked in cyber security and noticed the trending content online back in 2010. She started a Facebook group geared towards understanding the phenomenon, and the name just stuck. The whole topic has seen very little research dedicated to it, but there are general patterns that people have started to notice. 

For example, the meridian response brought up in the same refers to a chilling or tingling sensation experience that the content is all about creating. You could also understand the sensation as your body going, “Oooo, what was that?!” It’s very similar to getting goosebumps while you listen to music. 

In most settings, ASMR means combining video and audio content to create that feeling, but the term got its start with pure audio. 

A few studies on this ASMR-related feeling have found that the sensation is likely a release of oxytocin, which is a hormone your brain releases when you receive affection or personal attention. When someone plays with your hair, and you have this full-body calm wash over you? That is what ASMR content attempts to replicate. 

It’s the hormone associated with any type of bonding, grooming, or care. These studies

also found that this content (just like all the other actions that release oxytocin) is great for soothing anxious or negative feelings.

So when you’ve had a hard day, and you just want to relax? ASMR has got your back. And when you add dirty talking to the mix, you get sexy and relaxing. What more could you want?

How Does ASMR Work?

By using microphones close up and crafty sound engineering, creators are able to pull you into a scenario. It sounds like you are right there. People who are open to sensory experiences are generally more open to ASMR content. 

If you enjoy ASMR, you probably also really enjoy the sound of rain and thunder in the distance. The pitter-patter of rain on the roof gives you chills.

And the research is correct. Because of the soothing nature of this stuff, people have been finding it’s great for addressing anxiety and other such icky anxious feelings. You’ll notice that most erotic audio that is ASMR-themed is very, very geared toward the relaxation of the listener.

But, Wait. What About Dirty Talk?

Dirty talk is exactly what you think it is. It’s any conversation or communication with sexual or just straight-up nasty themes. It’s a lot of fun, and here is why. 

When people talk dirty, it implies a level of confidence a lot of us don’t feel out in the “real world.” A hot man, saying hot things, before doing hot things to you? That is one confident MFer, and everyone here knows it. 

The science supports that. First, they’ve found that after orgasm, our internal filters don’t work as well, so people are more likely to say whatever is on their minds (a.k.a. Fake orgasm-induced confidence). They also found that dirty talk stimulates a lot of different parts of the brain, which only reinforces any physical stimulation you receive. 

Specifically, it stimulates two parts of the hypothalamus, which are responsible for pleasure. Read that again. Dirty talk hits both of those spots. Think about the fascination with moaning. That feels good for the person doing it and the person hearing it—and that part of your brain is why. 

On top of that, dirty talk stimulates your amygdala, which is also known as the fear center of the brain that controls excitement and pleasure. That’s why it almost feels thrilling when you hear someone talk dirty. It’s because it literally is. 

No wonder dirty talk is considered one of the top traits that make a man good in bed, according to 1,444 women.

Dirty Talk + ASMR = Multifaceted Stimulation

Now, combine the two, and you have this magical brain-stimulating sauce that gets your body rolling. Most people think that arousal is all physical, but it’s actually your brain doing most of that work. And with dirty talk ASMR, your mind is relaxed, and then your body easily transitions to meet those sexual signals like a champ. 

Seriously picture it, a voice that is deep and soft and heavenly, words that you can feel in your 🐱, and crisp audio that puts you right smack in the center of it all. The intensity of the dirty talk can be completely based on your preference. While some might like to hear an orgasm-inducing voice call them a “filthy little w****,” others might just like a good compliment to the 🐱. 

Remember, the beautiful fact of erotic audio is that it’s all that you make of it. If you want heavy dirty talk ASMR that makes a nun blush and rethink her stance on abstinence, you got it. And if you want loving, gentle, and soothing dirty talk that makes you feel like you are made of sunshine, you can have that, too. 

You can choose your level of hard—IYKYK. 

Pro Tip: Be adventurous within reason. You know your limits. Go there, get familiar with them, and understand how they make you feel, but please don’t feel the need to push yourself. I love edgy content as much as the next girl, but GIRL, this is about enjoying yourself. 

This is about letting your imagination run wild while enjoying this incredible combination that is seriously unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. Your 🐱 is not ready. 

Prime Examples of Dirty Talk ASMR

All that being said, we have to recognize the truth. Dirty Talk ASMR has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years and there are more options than ever before, which is great, but that also means that you can get sent down a rabbit hole of fetishes and topics that are so not your jam

We’d like to save you that journey and just get to the good stuff. Here are our top-liked dirty talk ASMR erotic audios and a quick peek at what they’ve got going on. 

Mr. Robinson Long Distance ASMR

Mr. Robinson is one of BKS’s most prolific voice actors, and for good reason. That man’s voice is a fucking gift. And this one is a great starting point for dirty talk ASMR. 

Imagine this, your boyfriend is on a work trip. You’ve been missing him like crazy, and the feeling is mutual. So, he gives you a call—he just wanted to hear your voice—and suddenly, he’s giving you detailed information about where his hands are versus where they’d like to be. 

Get those headphones, get comfy, and prepare to swoon. Listen here. 

The other highly sought VA, Mr. Gallo, also has an exclusive ASMR audio, but it’s a bit of a rougher theme. You can check that out here if you are interested. 

Late night delight

One of our most beloved types of content comes in the form of a series. Our listeners LOVE it when a story continues. And this audio is part 2 of our Holiday Delight series. 

We can all relate. Your family is in town. You have a full house, and as much fun as it is to be knee-deep in family, you’ve been missing having your man deep in something else. So, one night when everyone is asleep, you decide you just can’t take it anymore. You have to have a piece… quietly. 

Let’s just say holiday-themed erotic audio is a big favorite with our listeners, especially when our most loved VA is begging you for more. You can listen to this audio here

waking up with your boyfriend

In Dirty Talk ASMR, there is this theme of rest, relaxation, and reverence that makes this stuff *chef’s kiss* and this audio is no exception. 

The bed is warm. It’s Sunday morning, and you’ve got nowhere to be, and nothing to do. Just relax. Your limbs are wrapped around his. You are so comfortable that you just cannot get up yet. It’s against the rules. 

And don’t forget, cuddly affection is great, but explorative, sexy cuddly affection is elite. Just slide those panties to the side and get to work. 

You’ll see what we mean. 😉 Listen here

Sleepy Sex Hits All The Right Spots

Flip number three on its head, and you’ll find this audio. You’ve had a long day, and so has he. Your man finds you tucked away in bed and seriously did not mean to wake you… but he did. 

And as you’re chatting, getting settled, catching up, things take a turn for the dirty. Before you know it, you both getting a nightcap—just what you need. Enjoy this audio here

Our Quiet Time

This is our top-rated ASMR audio, and for good reason. This takes every hot stereotype and smushes them into one extremely erotic space. 

First off, you’ve worked all day. Away from your baby and stay-at-home husband, who has been getting your little one ready for bed. You catch them just in time and enjoy a little quiet sleepy moments before they drift off to sleep. But you and Dad have a lot of energy to burn off and aren’t quite ready for bed yet. 

You’ve been cleared by the doctor, you are so turned on, and it is finally time. Enjoy some of the most baby/husband fever content we’ve ever made. Our moms out there will love this one. You can listen here

Give Dirty Talk ASMR A Try

ASMR content is not for everybody. We get it. But we also think that dirty talk ASMR is another breed of its own. Life is really f***ing stressful these days, and you deserve to take a load off—literally. Your mind needs to be emptied of stress and filled with sexual ideas crafted to make your lady parts shiver. YOU DESERVE IT. You can explore over 500 dirty talk ASMR audios here.

PSA: For all of our relaxing content lovers out there, we’ve also started making Sleep Aid content that is safe for work and completely free! You can find that content on YouTube here.






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