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Auralism: What it’s like to be aroused by sound? 

How many times have you been sent to the big O because you can hear your partner’s hurried moaning and grunting right next to your ear? 

Or how hot do you find it when you hear your skins down there slapping against each other? 

If you find all of these incredibly arousing, you might just have an auralism kink – like I do!

A while back I wrote about my auralism and love for audio erotica as a plus size woman. Today, I believe, auralism deserves it’s own article.

Feel free to devour the whole article in one go or jump over to the section that interests you the most:

    What is Auralism?

    By simple definition, auralism is a sexual fetish wherein you get aroused or excited by sound.

    These could be sexual sounds like:

    • Wet mouth sounds when kissing, licking, sucking, or swallowing
    • Throat sounds like humming, chuckling, moaning, growling, grunting, sighing
    • Involuntary sounds of pleasure such as whimpering or purring

    Now, do these sounds need to come from you or your partner for you to be an auralist? 

    Absolutely not!

    I, for one, got in the mood last night just by hearing my partner move a couch! 

    Other sounds that can turn an auralist on is by hearing the sound of his zipper and jeans sliding down followed by the weight of his belt clanging as they hit the floor.

    And believe it or not, some auralists even get excited by non-sexual sounds too!

    • Long nails tapping or scratching
    • Those slime poking videos on Tiktok
    • Chopping vegetables
    • Typing on an ergonomic keyboard
    • A song or music
    • Or it could be as simple as hearing your partner’s voice (no, they don’t need to be telling you how much of a good girl you are although that would be nice)

    You don’t have to be aroused by these non-sexual sounds to be an auralist.

    If you find them titillating at the very least, welcome to the club!

    “How do I know if I’m an Auralist?”

    What if I love the moans of my partner but absolutely hate the sound of sloppy kissing?

    Does that still make me an Auralist? How do I know if I’m an Auralist?

    Great questions. 

    Here’s the thing: not all auralists are the same. 

    What could be erotic for you could be a turn-off to another but that won’t make either of

    you any less of an auralist.

    Auralism is just as diverse as we humans are. How it presents itself can and will vary from person to person according to their other kinks, fetishes, personal preferences, and personal experiences.

    For example, I am an auralist and a sapiosexual with narratophilia, which means, intelligent sounds and words turn me on, but an auralist who is a  FemDom may respond to the sound of pleasure-sighs, and subby masculine begging better.

    A Fabulous Femme Chef that I’ve known for over 15 years, openly admitted that the sounds of a man cutting and chopping produce makes her squirm. Apparently, there is a difference between the sound of a woman chopping and a man chopping vegetables. Who knew? She also graciously admitted that she loved the sound of a man eating meat from the bone. The sound of the tearing of meat, combined with his hunger and satisfaction with the meal… brought her satisfaction. 

    You might also be an Auralist if…

    • Phone sex turns you on SO much
    • You like watching porn with volume on
    • Or you like listening to other people have sex
    • You are attracted to grunts, groans, and growls. Any non-verbal sound that expresses a masculine’s emotional state just does it for you. These include yawns, sighs, chuckles, gasps, hums and purrs
    • You feel tingles when hearing accents, vocal inflections and emphasis or punctuation of words
    • You have always been attracted to masculine speakers and orators of diverse professions. Professors, pastors, motivational speakers, activists, narrators and storytellers. (Although, this could also be combined with Narratophilia, which is the sexual attraction to spoken words)
    • Human ASMR or certain sound effects trigger tingles, like the sound of a man’s moist mouth speaking into a microphone. (Ok, this one can be tricky because one can be an auralist and still despise the sound of wet mouths.. I specifically know ladies who would either kill or marry depending on the sound of his mouth so be totally honest with yourself for this one.)

    The Different Types of Auralists

    The Praise-seeking Auralist

    Do you love hearing how you’re driving him crazy and how tight and warm you are? If so, then you might enjoy listening to the cooing and crooning of a Daddy Dom praising you. Sounds of admiration, agreement and approval are your weaknesses. 

    Listen to this and thank me later: More than a mere touch

    The Safety and Comfort-seeking Auralist

    Ohh yeah… Some of the most cuddly femmes are members of this kink community. Sounds associated with this category include: the sound of care, hugs, patience and sighs of relaxation are all typical triggers for femmes seeking closeness and compassion. 

    If you think this is your jam, our sleep aid audios will be perfect for you. 

    Listen to this and thank me later: Baby Daddy talking to your tummy

    The Love-seeking Auralist

    We all know that sex filled with passion is just different on all levels. If you want to feel a burning desire for your partner through painting images and scenarios on top of all the grunting and moaning, I have just the thing for you.

    Listen to this and thank me later: Call me when you need me

    What does it feel like to have Auralism?

    Having auralism, like any divergent trait, can be lots of fun when you understand what you’re feeling, what you’re triggered by, and knowing that it’s all a natural part of who you are.

    I have a friend who has always had a naturally deep voice. He knows not to call me in the morning if he expects me to focus on his intended message. The gravel in his voice, the grumble that indicates grogginess, confusion, and a slightly tired whimper… make my eyes roll in sheer and shameful delight. There’s just something about it that makes me stutter.

    Again, let me reiterate that sounds do not at all have to be connected to sex for an auralist to consider it sexy. It could literally be the most platonic, non-sexual acts that hook auralists right in, like two men arm wrestling or the sweet sound of deep male exhaustion.

    Why is Audio Erotica perfect for Auralists?

    If sounds were candy, audio erotica would be Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory!

    The best and safest way to explore your auralism kink is by delving into the world of audio erotica. Due to the rise in erotic audio creation with millions of eager subscribers, many writers and voice actors are shaping audio stories specifically for the sound pallets of auralist fans. 

    To go wild… but at your own pace

    Because these audios are created for auralists, you will find almost every sound an auralist would find pleasing or exciting– grunts, sighing, heavy breathing, whimpering, and dirty talk just to name a few. 

    Now the great thing about having a sea of audios to choose from is, if one audio is making you uncomfortable for some reason, or you just don’t like its storyline, you’re free to skip it and watch another one! 

    If you’re not feeling lovey-dovey at the moment and would rather hear the sound of your partner slapping your peach cheeks hard, there’s an audio for that. 

    And if you’re not in the mood for roughs and would just want to experience how it is to be held, cherished, adored, and loved at the moment, there’s also an audio for that. 

    Listening to audio erotica allows you to choose and explore your fantasies and desires at your own pace. 

    The Perfect Edge Play

    For auralists, sound is the fastest way to turn us on and audio erotica is the ultimate edging tool. Natural human sounds, laughter, breathing, moaning, sighing, sounds of relaxation, sounds of pleasure, even in a non sexual setting. Yawning, the release of breath, the short grunts of a passing thought, the sound of agreement, mmhmm– all of those sounds can be found in every audio story, so imagine the possibilities of sound in an erotic audio. Mmmm! 

    Having the ability to hear what the masculine cares about is the appeal. Hearing what makes him feel.. in general. That is the hot point. That is the nectar female auralists are searching for. We really care about how he feels. It is the intention of the masculine that resonates in his breath. The intentional touch of consonants dirty dancing with his vowels. The message in a whisper. What we really want is to know what “HE” really wants. The great thing about being an auralist is that we can hear his needs through his breathing. 

    As an auralist myself, the magic is all about the breath and vibration or frequency of emotion etched in the delivery of the speaker. I love to hear the sound of “aliveness”. A presence having an experience and completely enjoying it. I honestly believe that presence is what we’re all really looking for, no matter the preference.  I for sure thank the Google Gods for granting us the search option of Best Kept Secret’s erotic audio stories

    The Comfort of Remote Foreplay

    This sensational experience is washing over everyday women with auralism due to the  generous wave of audio erotica creators, like BKS, taking over streaming sites. Now, instead of swiping left all night, femmes get to choose and click play for the perfect date. There is a deep sigh of contentment that accompanies being able to lay in the comfort of your own bed, pop on your  headphones and let your favorite voice drive you slowly to ecstasy. No late night Uber necessary!

    Connection  to Pleasure

    Look, dating is hard. And sometimes, you just don’t really wanna date– you just wanna feel good. Audio erotica have a magical way of connecting auralists straight to the source of pleasure without the muddled messiness of what’s your favorite color and why is your ex still texting you? 

    Lots of Phantom Orgasms

    One of the best rewards that an auralist can receive from audio erotica is loads of phantom orgasms waiting in the soundwaves. A phantom orgasm is precisely what it sounds like, a ghost orgasm that is created by, you guessed it – tingles! These orgasms involve an intimate and internal touch as opposed to the common external touch that we’re all so used to not having done correctly. With the timing of a well-written script wink wink, combined with the skill of the voice actor and editor, tingle after tingle will almost certainly lead you to a very spiritual, energetic, and fulfilling release. 

    You Are The Object of Affection

    Audio erotica offers the experience of someone fully giving their attention to you. Yes, the hot voice growling lusty languages in your ear is talking to you and pleasuring you! 

    It’s Art!

    Erotic Audio story creators are evolving their technique of sound storytelling by juicing up the plots, delivery, sound effects, and whatnot. It is more than just a form of media to be consumed– it is a beautiful piece of art crafted to be experienced for your pleasure.

    Some people who are discovering audio erotica, especially for the first time, might get confused with how they are reacting to it. I bet your reaction to the first time you listened to one was, “What fresh hell is this?!” You may find it really weird and even weirder when you cannot seem to stop yourself from listening. 

    But let me tell you: being moved by sound is not weird at all!

    It’s a thing and it’s a magical and powerful one. 

    So if you enjoy it, be unapologetic about it, explore, and most importantly, have fun!






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