Help! I cannot find a Best Kept Secret’s audio!

Okay, we know. It’s a little bit confusing.

If you’re reading this, chances are you just came from Best Kept Secret’s youtube channel and are now looking for that one audio you just have to listen to in full or else. 

Before we proceed to our quick guide, here’s a quick comparison between the audios you find on Best Kept Secret’s Youtube channel and Patreon. 

Audios on Youtube:

  • longer version of our audios
  • considered as the “preview” of the full versions 
  • generally, Safe For Work 

Audios on Patreon:

  • full version of our audios
  • and more importantly, Not Safe For Work *wink wink, chili emoji*

How to find the full version of our Youtube uploads:

If you want to listen to the full version of our audios on Patreon, the audio title can be found both on the video background and in the description box.

For clarity, the YouTube title you see is NOT the audio title you will find on Patreon.

There are two ways to find the full audio:

  1. Search for the title on the BKS website:
  2. Find Best Kept Secret on Patreon and search for the audio in the app:

How to find an audio on the BKS website:

Go to this link: This page is a catalogue of all the audios we have ever produced. Here, you can also filter the audios by genre, voice actor, tier, series, and writer.

Search for an audio title in the search box. Just to clarify, this title can be found in the Description box on YouTube under the video, or it might be the background image of the video.

This will also provide you with more info about what you can expect from the full audio, as well as the tier it’s available at.

The Search bar is sensitive to misspellings, so in case the audio you search for does not come up, try searching for the first few words.

Once you have found the audio your heart desires, just click on the ‘Listen on Patreon’ button, and you will be taken directly to the corresponding page on Patreon.

How to find best kept secret on Patreon:

The easiest way to find Best Kept Secret Patreon is just going directly to this link: and then click on the notification that says ‘Open in the app’

If you already have the Patreon app installed, you can search for Best Kept Secret in the “Find Creators section”.

Because our audios are rated 18+, our page may not appear in the search results on Patreon due to the website’s age restrictions. 

When you look us up on the site, the results would look like this:

When you have decided to become a member and officially be a sisterwife yourself, you just have to choose a tier you’d like to subscribe to. 

Once subscribed, get ready to experience a whole new world of tingling eargasms and stomach butterflies.

Say, you already have:

  1. Taken note of the audio title of the audio you want to listen to
  2. Subscribed on BKS’s patreon and have officially become a sisterwife

Now it’s time to look for the full version of the particular audio you want. (Or go crazy with all of them!)

Simply, input the audio title on the search bar…

…and voila!

Patreon might have its quirks, but trust us, the rewards are worth it. 

As a sisterwife, you’re not just gaining access to our full library of audios, but also stepping into a world of exclusive perks, adorable bloopers, and the chance to connect with fellow listeners.

So join us, pop your headphones in, and get ready to lose yourself in a world of whispered secrets and wonderful eargasms.

We hope this guide has been helpful and we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms.

Best Kept Secret






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