Does hearing a man moan drive you crazy? Welcome to the club.

It’s not a joke. It’s not a bit. Male moaning is something we don’t often get to hear.

No matter what side of the sexual adventure you stand on, you know it’s true.

If you have had the joy of hearing a man moaning firsthand, congratulations. You might have hit the auditory lottery. 

But in general, it’s far too common for men to feel incapable of properly expressing themselves that way, which makes every sound all the more precious. 

If you’ve ever messed around with erotic audio or audio porn, you’re probably familiar. Sometimes, a well-timed moan just hits the SPOT. 

It’s such a good spot that we wanted to take a moment and dive a bit deeper.

And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the sound, sensation, and pure joy of male moaning… Well, you simply don’t know how good this s*** gets. 

Don’t worry. We’ll show you. 

Why You Should Explore Male Moaning

Pleasure is a gift to give.

When you receive it, you sure as hell know it. So it stands to think that seeing, feeling, and hearing someone get pleasure from you is kind of intoxicating. 

After all, sharing is caring. 

And aren’t we just so lucky that the three main VAs with us are very generous with their giving? 

Below, I’ve collected my favourite audios where the male moaning featured is *Chef’s Kiss* and there is a little peak into the audio adventure you’ll enjoy with each one. If you spend any time with BKS, you’ll know that we love our VAs. 

And while it might take you some searching to find your perfect voice, that search is a ton of fun. Charge your vibrator, babe. You’re gonna need it. 

Mr. Robinson – The King of Sexy Moans

As BKS’s most prolific VA, Mr. Robinson has the most material to choose from. He has a wide range of talents and is the first VA that I ever came across.

He has this amazing voice that is sort of all-American and smooth. Deep, of course (this is audio porn, after all), but when he whispers to you, speaks to you, moans for you? You feel it in ALL the places. 

This man will sweep you off your feet right into the sheets. And you’ll be so far gone, you’ll thank him for it. We wish you luck on your journey. 

Below are three beautiful

displays of that talent. 

  • Call Me When You Need Me (Friends to Lovers)
  • Mimosa Shenanigans (Slice of Life)
  • Our Quiet Time (ASMR)

1. Call Me When You Need Me

There’s a reason these audios are revered—this one, especially. You’ve always been friends with him, even if you two don’t seem like you’d fit.

It just works—it always has. He’s always teasing, pushing, and testing you in ways that help you out of that well-crafted shell. 

And then, when you’re away (traveling for work), something flips. It all works a little too well. Add a game of truth or dare, the safety of the distance, and liquid courage… 

Let’s just say that we all get carried away by this one. 

His low voice is commanding yet gentle, giving instructions and getting you to places you’ve never been before. He might be touching himself to the thought, to the image, and—well, let’s just say that this audio is basically a showpiece for male moaning. 

On top of all that goodness, there are three parts. You can listen HERE

2. Mimosa Shenanigans

That title sounds pretty innocent, right? 

It is very much not. 

After a couple of drinks at brunch, you come home to your waiting, loving boyfriend feeling a little frisky. You’re just feeling so goddamn playful that you can’t help yourself. You just want to tease him a little. Is that really so bad?

While he thinks it’s funny, he isn’t about to take your silly, tipsy self on that offer… just yet. But when he does? *insert drooling emoji*

You’ve gotten him all worked up, and now it’s time to pay up. They had to put moaning in the tags because it was happening

You can listen to this playful, yummy, erotic audio HERE.

3. Our Quiet Time

In my humble opinion, some of the best male moaning comes from moments of relief.

Like in a book, they’ve been swirling around each other for weeks. The air is thick with that tension, and finally, it snaps.

But what about the softer types of tension? What about those weeks and weeks after having a baby?

Honestly, this audio is AMAZING, and I don’t even have a baby. 

You and your amazing partner have been settling into your new roles, and you’ve not been able to have your time in a while because of it. You’ve been healing, and he has had your back every step of the way. 

But you’ve got a surprise. You’ve finally been cleared by the doctor, and now it’s time to enjoy this beautiful man… and let him enjoy you. And boy, does he enjoy it!

This whole audio is whispered, male moaning deliciousness that might give you a different kind of baby fever.

Listen HERE if you dare. 

Mr. Gallo – Voice That Turns Me Into a Puddle

Now, this man is just simply built different. His voice is… Jesus. I don’t even know how to describe it. There is a sprinkle of a New York accent, and it makes every grumbly, pleasure-filled moment that much more rich. 

Again, his voice is deep, too, but there is something about him that your brain (and body) just cannot deny. Some men are just like that, you know? All of that is to say that this specific example of male moaning will crawl into your soul and haunt you—and you will really like it. 

If we are being honest, every single one of his audios is full of male moaning, but we can’t just recommend all of them. So here are three that have the sounds and the vibes.

  • A Better Monday Morning (College Boyfriend)
  • My Spark (Hockey Romance)
  • Daddy’s Girl Earns Her Collar (DDlg)

1. A Better Monday Morning

We’ll start you off with something light. It’s Monday morning and you’ve got classes to get to. You never sleep over on a “school night,” but last night, you made an exception. You’re both a little sleepy, a little touchy and so warm and soft. You just cannot get up yet. 

And since no one really likes Mondays, he’s found a way to make the morning that much better. 

Let me tell you, Sleepy male moaning? WOW. 

Go relax and enjoy and listen HERE

2. My Spark

For any of our Hockey girlies out there, consider this one to be just for you.

This one gives such grumpy vibes that only soften when he is with you. Who doesn’t love that s***?

This audio starts out a bit angry. Your boyfriend is definitely pissed off, and you definitely provoked him. He’s not been his usual self on the ice. That drive and that grit that define him as a player are missing. 

Thankfully, you know just what to do to get him… going. 

There is male moaning, of course, but there are also spanks, pussy slaps, and it’s centered around a very worked-up man who burns for you. 

You can listen to this wild ride HERE.

3. Daddy’s Girl Earns Her Collar

Sometimes, you just need to be wrapped up by a big-strong man. You might even need to be possessed by one. Not in a scary, patriarchal kind of way, but more of a f*** you silly kind of way. You know? Just hand it all over. Don’t worry. He will take care of you.

There is nothing else to say. Just let him take care of you. 

Resign yourself and listen HERE

Mr. Chambers – Moans in British? Yes, Please!

Listen up, now. Mr. Chambers has a British accent. Sometimes, he turns it off, but usually, he turns it on (along with other things). Out of all the VAs, he knows how to make you feel everything. Naughty, soft, rough, feminine, beautiful, and like a downright dirty little harlot. 

And it’s all a good time. It’s honestly an incredible skill. Coming across his special flavor of erotic audio feels like a treat. 

Here are three where he gives us a great big dose of male moaning. 

  • Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth (Husband/Wife)
  • Honeymoon Night (Virgin)
  • The Marine (Too Many Things To Describe Like This)

1. Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

As part of a seven-part series exploring the delicious side of every sin, we have SLOTH. For those of you unfamiliar, “sloth” refers to laziness, idleness, and languidness. Doesn’t that sound nice?

You and your husband work hard. You have your family. You have this incredible life, but you don’t get much time alone. Until now. 

“With the kids away, you don’t want to waste a second of relaxation and enjoyment.”

Trust me! This audio doesn’t waste a thing. 

Go have a lazy day in bed. You deserve it. Set the mood and listen HERE

2. Honeymoon Night

As much as we love to push and pull at your boundaries with a rough tumble here and there, we also like to take it nice and slow. If you need yourself a heavy dose of a sweet, loving, powerful man who will worship you like his life depends on it, please look no further. Also, the sounds of his moaning will give you goosebumps. 

It’s your wedding night. Forget the planning and the people and the stress. You have your husband. He says he’s the luckiest man in the world, and you’re feeling it, too. 

But there is something else. 

Tonight will be your first time. There is no better man than this one. You are bound in every way, but one, and tonight, he is going to change that. 

Go listen HERE and let Chambers sweep you off your feet. 

3. The Marine

If we are talking about Mr. Chambers, we have to talk about The Marine series. It’s got five parts where the shy neighbor is shown a whole new world. From the introduction to the goodbyes, you fall in love with the caring, careful marine. 

In this series, you go through every kind of first, and you will love every minute of it. 

  • Part 1 – Helping The Shy Girl
  • Part 2 – Facing Fears
  • Part 3 – Another First
  • Part 4 – The Story Picks Up
  • Part 5 – A Last Goodbye

Honestly, this series is, of course, audio porn, but it also so much more, and I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. 

Listen to the series HERE.

The Threesome of Your Dreams

Male moaning is great. But what the f*** do you do when there are THREE males moaning because of you? Combust, maybe?

I know what you’re thinking. Threesomes are crazy, right? They are wild and hard to imagine and possibly invlve a lot of spare limbs. But a foursome? That s*** is just impossible. 

Well, actually, it’s not. 

In what might be our most loved erotic audio ever, we present to you Ours, where three of our most beloved VAs in the world come together just for you. (That pun was absolutely intended.)

The male moaning in this one is literally off the charts. I will tell you nothing else. Just GO LISTEN HERE.

Girl! Go Get Your Kink On & Enjoy Male Moaning 

Here at BKS, we love testing your boundaries and helping you learn about kinks that you didn’t even know you had. Almost every audio has a comment where someone admits that. 

“New kink unlocked!”

Male moaning is like a unicorn out in the field but in erotic audio? That is the gift that keeps on giving. It can be soft. It can be rough and tortured. And in any form, it takes every sensation you have in your body and heightens it to 11. 

I dare you to test that claim. You’ll be so glad you did. 


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