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Audio Erotica (With examples): The What, The Why, and Most Importantly, WHERE?

As a married woman navigating the underwhelming world of modern romance alongside friends knee-deep in the dating scene, I’ve concluded, the bar for men is literally set in hell.

Boyfriends do the bare minimum and complain. Hookups become situationships that leave us crying at the bar. Not cuddling after sex is such small d*ck energy and I’ll die on that hill.

“But, guys don’t say the things they do in romance books in real life.” Oh yes, they do, and don’t let anyone ever gaslight you into believing they don’t.

Using audio erotica to up my husband’s dirty talk game has been orgasm-changing. I thought we had good sex before but now I’m practically ascending every time.

Maybe your friend put you on, or your algorithm was a little too specific. If you’re just starting out in the erotic audio space and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

From breaking down what audio erotica actually is, to providing you with some spicy examples and a curated list of top audios to start with.

Consider this your ultimate guide to diving into the world of audio pleasure.

And the best part, we have audio erotica examples right here in this blog post. So you can give audio erotica a go yourself without having to jump from link to link.

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What is audio erotica?

As I write this, I have just got back from taking the dog on his morning walk with a bodyguard Mr. Chambers audio playing in my headset.

It seems almost comedic to say we ‘listen to porn for the plot’ as a generation that grew up with men saying the same about Playboy magazine.

But BKS listeners will tell you, a hyperactive imagination, closed eyes, and a good audio will take you just about anywhere.

Audio erotica is just a better way of saying audio porn. Let’s not dance around it.

It’s a voice actor in your ear moaning and growling getting himself off while you listen.

It can be as basic as a ramblefap where the guy is just masturbating in your ear while talking.

Or as elaborate as a fully fleshed-out romance with plot and character development ending with a good amount of spice.

In both those scenarios, you are the main love interest and everything is happening as if you were standing right in the middle of it all.

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Why is audio erotica even a thing women listen to?

The most common question that’s asked after saying you listen to audio erotica is usually, “Why?” Why not just watch porn or read an erotic book?

Aside from the obvious reasons many people choose to stay away from traditional porn, the answer is quite simple.

Both those activities require you to be alone, acting as an observer to other people getting it on.

In audio erotica, you are quite literally the only focus.

The voice actor is speaking directly to you. His moans are because of what you’re doing to him.

And the goal is always to leave you feeling fulfilled, whether that’s physically or emotionally.

Plus, most of us get off more when our partners are just as turned on as we are. So it just makes sense to have another participant in our ear ready to play the role of our lover, saying exactly what we always imagined he’d say to send us over the edge.

While doing laundry, sure I could always put on some music to listen to and create my own scenarios like I normally would. Or I could instead immerse myself in an existing universe with SFX and ASMR noises ready to go.

For example, have a listen to this audio snippet from the “Halls of Harrow” series:

Within the first three minutes of this audio, we’re pulled right into the environment, walking as the main character (MC) through this magical world. In porn, we are entering someone else’s reality. In audio erotica, we are entering our own.

motorcycle and a sexy man hugging his woman

Audio Erotica is a maladaptive daydreamers fantasy come to life

Living out what it would be like to date a millionaire.

Fighting alongside sexy pirates.

Having a regency-era love affair with a duke.

The best part about reading a book or watching a movie is getting invested in the characters and plot. So much, that we create alternative scenarios with those stories, casting ourselves as the main female lead.

When we asked our listeners why they listened to audio erotica while everyone’s stories were different they all tended to revolve around that same point.

It allowed them to express themselves and be seen in a safe space exactly as they wanted to be.

Women of all body types, standing and holding each other

Audio Erotica is body-positive and inclusive

Go onto the home screen of any porn site and the first thing you’re smacked in the face with is freeze frames of beautiful women in every conceivable position.

Most of the time that image isn’t of an imperfect body or a woman with grown out body hair.

On the other hand, listen to a snippet from “I Want to See All of You” as an example:

The woman in the audio erotica you’re listening to is you.

She’s the sexiest version of yourself that you dream about and you get to choose how she’s perceived.

You’ll never hear the VA talk about appearance in any specific way that will pull you out of your fantasy. And you especially won’t hear about your size being fetishized for male enjoyment.

Man's hands putting on cuffs on woman's hands

It’s a way to explore and discover new kinks

From gentle inexperienced lovers to hard public domination, audio erotica delves into a lot of different sexual encounters.

It’s not surprising that our listeners have discovered several new kinks through audio porn because of it.

Traditionally, if you didn’t have a partner, there wouldn’t be a way to explore kinks like breeding or spanking, without reading about it or watching others.

Through erotic audios you can live through it and explore different preferences.

You might find that maybe you’re not as into pain as you thought. Or deep throating is something you want to try more.

With the freedom to explore how these kinks make you feel, alone.

You can fully immerse yourself in the audio and be as expressive as you need.

Make as many crazy noises or faces as you want.

No one else is there to judge or tease you.

Many of our more inexperienced listeners have shared that audio erotica has boosted their confidence in the bedroom, letting them communicate more openly with their partners so they can live their fantasies out in real life.

Man comforting his girlfriend in bed

Listening to erotic audios can help overcome trauma

The most common form of trauma our listeners discuss is often religious trauma.

Many of us were raised with the belief that any form of masturbation was sinful and that porn would make us blind.

I remember growing up, every time I finished, I would sit there and wait for my vision to be taken from me. Self love shouldn’t be shameful.

And audio erotica always reminds you of this:

There are also many of us with sexual trauma that has nothing to do with religion.

In audio erotica nothing takes place without your consent to listen. So you’ll know before you hit play, everything that’s going to happen from the tags alone.

Personally, I have used some of the more extreme erotica stories to confront my past experiences. It’s liberating to reclaim a moment that was meant to break you and strip away its power forever.

The ability to pick and choose, or even to back out of an audio whenever it gets too far provides that added security that you can control your sex life even while being physically alone.

We have a separate article that delves deeper into religious trauma from the perspective of one of our listeners and discusses how erotic audios have helped not only in overcoming that but also in helping her maintain her chastity.

Man's hands consensually holding woman's hands above her head in bed.

Audio erotica feels like real sex

Sure, it seems ridiculous to say that when there are literally audios out there about falling for a vampire or your stalker.

But take the plot out of it and you’ll find a lot of the communication that happens within audios sound very familiar.

In real life, the most fulfilling sex has you both walking away feeling satisfied and audio erotica does that very well.

There’s intimacy between the VA and the listener. Constant consent checks.

The VA takes on the role of your partner so there is a back and forth of giving and receiving pleasure without it feeling performative or for the “right camera shot.”

He gets off by making sure you get off first.

A man's hand over a women's hand that is clenching bed sheet.

It can improve your libido!

Maybe it’s seasonal depression, having no free time, or the fact that we’re living through late stage capitalism, but sometimes you just lose that desire to have sex all together.

Assuming you have nothing medically preventing you from feeling arousal, many women have found the best libido booster has been in our headphones all along

How exactly does that work though if you aren’t in the mood?

Should you listen to audio erotica when you’re not turned on? Surprisingly, yes!

Many of us turn on audios without the intent to even masturbate.

You’ll find a lot of women actually are listening while doing things like shopping, cleaning, and working out at the gym.

I’ve mentioned before how erotic audios improved my libido after having kids and revitalized my sex life with my husband.

A lot of that came from feeling desire when I least expected it. There’s something that shifts when your body is doing something menial, like cleaning the tub, while your mind is living out every fantasy you’ve never voiced aloud. Suddenly you’re heaving and sweating for a different reason entirely.

Man holding a dress strap and whispering in a woman's ear

Who doesn’t love dirty talk?

Before listening to audio erotica the only dirty talk I knew was what I read in books.

Let’s be honest, traditional porn doesn’t have a whole lot to offer other than grunting.

So it’s easy to hit a plateau of what you imagine your partner might say next when you’re masturbating alone.

Since audios have no visuals, it relies on dirty talk to keep you in the heat of the moment. 

And not in the way that phone sex does by narrating everything. You won’t hear the VA say, “And then I take off your dress while you whimper in my ear.” Boring.

Erotic audios happen in real time with him there with you.

Since each audio is different, even with the same voice actor, it’s like experiencing a new man every time.

How would a morally gray gangster growl into your ear?

Would it be the same as your chef best friend who’s just confessed to being in love with you for years?

With his mouth pressed against your skin he’ll tell you exactly what having you near is doing to him. 

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Where do I listen to audio erotica?

Audio erotica is available in both free and paid platforms online and on apps in your phone.

Best Kept Secret has a 7-day free trial which will give you access to over 500 audios and, if you cancel within those 7 days, you won’t be charged a penny.

BKS also has a Discord server exclusively for Patreon subscribers with virtual listening parties. We react and discuss a voted-on audio together in real-time through voice or text. The chat is always open, so you can get recommendations for what you should play next from fellow listeners or gush about the latest release from your favorite VA.

Ready to give audio erotica a listen?

Out of the hundreds of erotica audios out there, it can seem overwhelming to even select a category to start with.

As someone who’s been listening to audio erotica for nearly four years, I sometimes still need recommendations for what to listen to next.

Below, I’ve listed five (5) plot heavy listener favorites, as well as some of my own personal repeaters.

Close up of a man in a suit sitting and holding his glass of whiskey

If you’re craving an age-gap Daddy Dom, listen to:

How to Get Over Your Ex – Mr Wright

Not just any older man, but your ex boyfriend’s dad?

This couldn’t have been a bigger upgrade. To go from, loser ex boyfriend who couldn’t keep his junk in his pants, to sexy older man with an accent, who is not only successful but available.

Big daddy energy never goes out of style and thankfully this audio has three separate parts to enjoy.

The way he kept coming to her rescue.

I immediately got wet when the ‘dad voice’ came out to yell at his son. “Clayton Alexander Harris!” Yup, I’d be on my knees so fast ready for the full daddy dom experience.

You know what they say about the polite ones.

He’s every bit the gentleman in every interaction. But as soon as he got her alone, he was ready to show exactly how stern he could be.

After inviting him over for dinner at your place it ends up that you become his meal instead.

Right on the dining room table. “Grab the edge of the table. Don’t let go or I will stop. Do you understand?”

Yes, the ‘dad voice’ does come out again for that part too.

Listen to: How to Get Over your Ex on: Youtube or Patreon

A man taking off his shirt and revealing a six pack

If you are recovering from a breakup, listen to:

Repair Us – Mr. Aston

This is the audio you listen to when you’re done crying about real-life men with no communication skills and want a healed man that takes accountability.

A three am phone call turns into meeting up with your ex at the lake to talk about your relationship.

As one of our listeners commented on this audio, not everyone has a daddy or hard dom kink.

This audio is passionate and hot without needing the additional roleplay.

The thrusts were the perfect pace to mimic and his moans were so sensual I actually got butterflies. This pussy was made just for me. We are made for each other. We fit so perfectly.

As much as I love the BDSM audios, remembering the ending to this one has me clenching my legs together and blushing.

Listen to: Repair Us on: Youtube or Patreon

Close up of man's hands adjusting his shirt and watch

If you’re a virgin wanting a caring man to talk you through it, listen to:

Helping a Shy Girl Explore What She Wants – Mr. Chambers

Speaking of getting a new man even with the same voice actor.

Chambers nails the role of your ex-marine neighbor, with an American accent, in this series. Full of low growls and so much praise.

He’s encouraging throughout, pulling her out of her shell to reveal a confident sexual woman in control of her pleasure.

I wouldn’t have had the guts to sit on a man’s face my first time, but I also didn’t have him. “I think you’re ready. Oh you dirty girl, I’m going to leave you dripping.”

When he’s just got his fingers inside curling them to that torturously deep tone of voice, how could we not feel sexy?

This recent listener’s comment wrapped this series up perfectly. “I’ve listened to this sweet audio several times before I realized it was a whole series. The way you act, the way you talk to her. You treat her carefully, but your mischievous nature ensures that she gradually loses her shyness. It’s a total gem and I love it so much. And her first time… I’m lost at words.

Listen to: Helping a Shy Girl Explore What She Wants: Youtube or Patreon

Sexy cowboy

If you want to save a horse and ride a cowboy, listen to:

Where the Wild Horses Roam – Mr. Robinson

“You gonna go get the sheriff? Chase me off the property?” Don’t ask me why I keep coming back to this audio.

Have I ever milked a cow? No.

And never in my life will I be in a situation where I’d have to.

But this audio has had me in a chokehold since its release. Maybe it’s the forbidden lovers trope. Or the thrill that you could be caught at any moment.

Our cowboy warns the MC that he’s a bad man but in every interaction, he’s the complete opposite. “I ain’t anywhere near worthy of you.

I’ll always fall for the character that doesn’t think he deserves happiness until he has a taste of it and can’t let it go.

When he finally does confess it only takes the littlest bit of encouragement from the listener before he’s bending her over on the spot.

Taking her over the railing after lapping her up from the back like she’s water in a desert. Robinson plays the perfect outlaw drifter with a southern accent that will melt your heart and your bloomers.

Listen to: Where the Wild Horses Roam on: Youtube or Patreon

Spy man holding a spy woman's leg by his side

If you want to live out your Mr. and Mrs. Smith fantasy, listen to:

A Dangerous Affair – Mr. Chambers

“You want me to come inside you sweetheart? Make you moan again?” Yes, yes, and of course, yes.

I think the only thing better than enemies to lovers has got to be lovers to enemies to lovers. Add in a good cry sesh…

Yeah, I warned my husband I would be insufferable after finishing this one. Not only are you a spy, but you’re one of the best.

So good your ex-husband couldn’t even kill you when he tried.* But maybe he secretly doesn’t want to.

You want my life. Well then take it. It’s yours.” It would be that easy for me too.

What starts out as a hate f*ck between exes quickly turns into something deeper when you finally let your walls down in front of him.

Chambers does an amazing job portraying the pain of betrayal in his voice, diving into their history without seeming out of context.

The fact that they are having this conversation while they’re in the middle of having sex is beautifully intimate and somehow makes it sexier.

*Due to the storyline of this audio there are mentions of guns and violence.

Listen to: A Dangerous Affair on: Patreon

And that’s a wrap on my all-time favorites!

Hopefully, this has given you a starting point to explore the wild west of audio erotica.

If you’re craving more, don’t forget: there’s a 7-day free trial (cancel anytime) with over 500 audios—that’s more than 250 hours of content!

Or continue to listen to free content on Pornhub, Youtube, Reddit, and Soundgasm at any time right from your pocket.

Have a story idea that’s not already in our 500+ audio library? Join our Patreon to submit audio ideas that BKS will turn into full fledged erotica stories created by our scriptwriters and editing team.


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