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Male moans audios that will get you hot and bothered

If male moans and masculine grunts make you weak in the knees and sexy dirty talk is like music to your ears, here are five audio stories that will deliver you the most delicious moans on the internet, voiced by arguably the hottest voices out there.

By now, you have probably already discovered that mainstream adult content does not cater to a passion for male moans. All you get is screaming girls faking Os and men won’t make a sound no matter how much they are enjoying themselves.

NSFW audio is different. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to shut these guys up if you wanted to. A Best Kept Secret listener wrote:

“…I discovered that I was turned on by the sound of the man having a good time and I hardly heard them [in porn]. The only thing you hear are woman who are often very hysterical and fake (which is a big turn off for me). Anyway; I started to google the term ‘male moaning’ and voila there it was: erotic audio’s for woman. It totally replaced porn for me and it made me discover what I like and didn’t like/what I’d like to try and don’t.”

If you are not familiar with what NSFW audio is, HERE is a whole article about it, but to save you from reading the whole piece, it’s essentially erotic audio content with men flirting and dirty talking directly to you, and moaning and groaning in your ear.

We have compiled our listeners’ top five favourites, which include something for all tastes, from soft and gentle ASMR to hardcore BDSM. The first audio ‘My love, let me take away your stress’ is more on the SFW side with lots of comforting and deep intimacy. The next three are getting progressively more explicit and rough with Mr. Gallo’s AUDIONAME peaking at a beautiful, seductive, power play, leaving you a begging, hot mess. Finally, the last audio has a different spin on it, with half an hour of pure delicious moans, purrs and growls, recorded by a very handsome Spanish voice actor .

Finally, before we deep dive into each audio, if you prefer just some background stories, more on the ASMR and audiobook frontier, I’d suggest visiting the Best Kept Secret YouTube channel. But if you are in the mood for something spicy (I mean VERY spicy), the Best Kept Secret Patreon page

with over 320 delicious audios will be your friend.

Beautiful woman tied to a chair looking at a shirtless fit man

Listen and watch, but don’t touch

Listen to the audio on BKS website HERE

This audio is the holy grail of male moans and groans. Imagine yourself tied to a chair, watching as he enjoys himself in front of you, unable to relieve yourself.

This audio is for those of you who crave a little roughness, degradation and humiliation in your fantasy play. If you’re looking for something sweet and vanilla, this may not be your flavour. But, if you’re ready to be swept away by his sexy moans and brought to a state of submissive ecstasy then fasten your seatbelt, ladies, and prepare to be taken on a wild ride.

If you still need convincing, let me cite the first lines:

Hey, hey… There she is. My little baby girl.

Shh, shh, no talking. You’re tied to the chair for a reason. Call it bad behaviour. Disobedience.

The thing is baby, today, you get to watch Daddy, no touching, no nothing on your part, you just have to sit there and take me in.

Listen to the moans, the growls, the fucking purrs as I get myself off exactly how I want to.

All of me stood in front of you, all the muscle, the definition, the girth.

And, until you learn to behave you’re just gonna have to watch and listen.

Sit back and enjoy.”

Boyfriend comforting his girlfriend. Young couple.

My love, let me take away your stress

Listen HERE

This is a sweet and gentle audio, best suited for the times, when you are craving deep intimacy and someone to rely on.

As your mind is racing with thoughts and worries, he takes you into his arms and whispers softly, “My love, let me take away your stress.” He brushes away a strand of your hair and pulls you onto his lap, cradling you like a precious treasure. You are feeling the weight of the world slowly lift off your shoulders.

He softly purrs in your ear, the soothing sound slowly melting away your worries. You let your troubles fade into the background, and know that as long as you have him by your side, you can handle any stress that comes your way.

The safety and intimacy soon makes your hands wander down his body, while he keeps purring in your ear, reassuring his love for you.

Fit shirtless man holding a birthday present

I’ll have you as my birthday present

Listen HERE

It’s your husband’s birthday! You have been away all week for work but you are still able to plan a nice party for him. As much as he appreciates it… That’s not exactly the gift he was looking for. Stealing you away for a moment alone… or many moments, he gets his gift one way or another.

He makes sure how you know much he missed you with delicious moans and groans while delivering kisses on your most delicate parts. All while your guests are enjoying themselves downstairs at the party.

Young couple kissing in a library

Restricted Areas: living out your fantasies, stolen away in between the books

Listen HERE

As you casually bump into a mysterious stranger in the library, you can’t help but be drawn to his intellectual appeal. As the conversation progresses, he notices your interest in BDSM literature:

‘You should always be able to live out your fantasies. Don’t restrict yourself, it’s okay to want naughtier things, you understand? Don’t repress those desires or they’ll end up owning you. There’s so much to explore.”

You, normally shy, find yourself unable to resist his dominant charm. Before you know it, you find yourself close to him, pinned against a bookcase, your wrists held high as you are kissing his strong neck, your heart racing with pleasurable excitement. There is something so sweet, so naughty and erotic, burying yourself into him, letting him dominate you, stolen away in between the books.

As he slides his hands down your body, he lets quiet moans escape through his lips. Letting you know how much exactly he is enjoying having you there. You could be caught any moment… but doesn’t that make things even more exciting?

Shirtless fit man on a beach wearing sunglasses

Focusing on the moans: a fantasy with your Spanish holiday crush

Listen HERE

A bit of a different twist: 28 minutes of pure moans moans, murmurs, groans and all that good stuff, recorded by a very handsome and charismatic Spanish man*.* Let his moans, murmurs, and groans transport you to a fantasy world of desire and pleasure. Close your eyes and let yourself be swept away by the universal language of moans, regardless of whether or not you speak Spanish.

Imagine yourself on an exotic island with your holiday crush, and let this audio take you on a journey of pure pleasure. Perfect for anyone looking for a different and exciting ASMR experience

Final notes

In conclusion, if you’re looking for something spicy with an extra dose of sounds of men enjoying themselves, NSFW audio might be just what you need. These audio stories feature sexy dirty talk, moans and groans. The five audio stories provided here range from intimate and comforting to explicit and BDSM-themed, so there’s something for everyone. You can find these stories, as well as many more, on the Best Kept Secret Patreon page, and if you’re looking for something a little less explicit, you can also check out the YouTube channel






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